Your pet could be featured: Send in your pet's online dating profile and find the perfect match!

Your pet's online dating profile: What would your pet say to try to find a mate?

Your dog's online dating profile: What would your dog say to try to find a mate?

Hazel's been single for far too long. She's looking for someone (beside's me) to share her life with. Okay, I'm just kidding, but wouldn't it be funny if our pets were on a dating app? I helped Hazel design a profile to find her perfect mate- scroll down to read it. Would your dog be a match?

What would your pet's dating profile say? Would it be sweet, funny, sassy? What photo would your pet choose to attract a mate? 

Email with your pet's dating profile pic and tell us what your pet's dating profile would say (see example below). Your pet will be featured in a post in August and we'll try to find the perfect match! 

What would your dog's online dating profile say? Saint Bernese

Hazel's Online Dating profile

Tagline: Why chew your food when you can just swallow it whole?

Sign: Capricorn

Nickname: Hurricane Hazel.

Age: Six years old.

Breed: Saint Bernese.

Eye colour: Hazel, like me!

Hair colour: Redhead mostly, but technically tri-colour.

Body type: Big and fluffy.

Occupation: Currently working from home primarily as the Senior Snuggle Manager and Executive Toy Decapitator. 

Looking for: Someone who accepts me for me, crooked nose, limp, and all.

Likes: Most food, especially broccoli, cheese, and gelato. Snuggles. Bob Dylan. Swimming. Exploring. Naps. Poop. Digging. Paper towel. Rabbits. Bum scratchies. 

Dislikes: Lettuce. Baths. Polka music. X-rays. The asshole chihuahua on the 4th floor. Fart noises (from the mouth, I’m okay if they come out of the butt). Thunderstorms. Fireworks. Traffic cones. 

Family: I love my mum most in the world, but I love food more. I also love grandma and aunt Shanny lots. But mum the most… after food. No kids but lots of toys, most with the heads removed...

Bad habit: I’m a bit of a mouth breather. 

Best quality: I’m a big dog, and big dogs give big love.

What would your dog's online dating profile say?

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