Hope for the holidays: Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction

Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction

Wishing you hopeful holidays: We may not all suffer the same this season, but we can heal together

This Christmas I feel something I haven't felt in the past few years; calm. The past few years have been transitional for me. Moving away and starting anew. Again. Sometimes my life feels like it's in a perpetual state of starting over. Losing Keira was devastating. Isolation from the pandemic was beginning to drag me down. The veterinary industry has been in a crisis and empathy is not always a renewable resource. Healing the fault lines on my surface was something I knew needed more attention. When you compare last Christmas, featuring another COVID catastrophe and a looming clown convoy, to this year, it's like going from a panic attack to finally taking a deep breath. Switching from heavy metal to folk music. Folk music is the sound I want to live with.

Despite my newfound calm, I remember what it's like on the other side of "Happy Holidays." I know there are folks who are less than happy. I've been there. The loneliness that weighs more than 'every day lonely' under the lights of the Christmas tree. The rejection from family members that stings harder when it's unwrapped like an unwanted gift. Suffering from illness and grief while surrounded by everyone else's comfort and joy. The shame of not being able to afford my own necessities, let alone another's gift. Giving suffering to my pain. If you can relate, I hear you. I see you. I promise you one thing. It gets better.

Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction

Holiday happiness can feel like an assault when glitter and a nice bow can't fix your feelings or circumstances. But like everything in life, struggle waxes and wanes. Sometimes we aren't necessarily struggling, but life just doesn't feel perfect- especially compared to the matching pyjamas and 'sad beige clothes' families featured on Christmas cards we receive in the mail. If we search for perfection we'll drive ourselves mad because we'll never find it and never be it. Like most ideals it's unattainable. 

Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction
I did not teach her this...

The only perfection life offers is perfect moments. They often land smack in the middle of troubled times. But they create these beautiful memories that we can cherish, whether they are fleeting or lasting. If you are struggling this holiday season, know that I'm sending you as much of my positive energy as I can. Find those perfect moments. Create them if you can. Connect with people who make you feel safe. Connect with nature. Do a good deed. Reflect on the memories that make you smile. Ask for support because the people in your circle want to give it. Hold those perfect moments tight, and know that even if they seem small they are full of hope.

Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction
Opening presents like a dog boss

Hazel and I wish everyone a Furry Christmas and happy holidays filled with calmness, and perfect moments. I hope you all have food on your table, a roof over your head, family and friends to celebrate with, love in your life, and a pet to fill your heart with joy 365 days a year. 

Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction Saint Bernese dog
Holiday hike to celebrate nature

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Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction

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