Petco Holiday Dog Gift Guide: Dog Trainer Darris Cooper shares holiday pet safety tips & best dog products

Petco Holiday Dog Gift Guide: Dog Trainer Darris Cooper shares holiday pet safety tips & best dog products

'Make More Merry' with Petco: 
Certified dog trainer Darris Cooper shares holiday safety tips and his top picks for dog gifts 

Let the festive season begin! Holiday festivities include gift shopping, and although we may have mixed feelings about this, our pets LOVE it! Not the shopping but the gift-receiving part. I'm not trying to throw shade at cats, but let's be honest; dogs are often much more enthusiastic when opening holiday gifts. Hazel is adorable. She's learned what gifts are and assumes all gifts under the tree are for her of course, and how to tear into them to get her prize. She shoves her big, fluffy head into gift bags, and holds wrapped gifts between her giant paws to rip the paper off with pup-precision.

She is a big part of what makes my holidays joy-filled. I love watching her happiness. Hazel has never met a treat she didn't like or a gift she didn't appreciate. So once again, I'm on the hunt for the BEST pet gifts of the season. To start things off with a bark, I interviewed an expert: Darris Cooperthe Petco National Dog Training Manager. Petco is giving Santa Paws a run for his money this holiday season with the new More & Merrier collection.

Darris Cooper, CPDT-KA, has worked in the industries of animal training and behaviour, pet lifestyle, and broadcast journalism. He has been a professional dog trainer for more than ten years. I interviewed Cooper to get the inside scoop (without the poop) on his favourite Petco items for dogs. He shared useful dog training tips to help make your holidays bright and expelled an age-old dog training myth we've all heard before! 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or in another way, there are potential risks to your pet. These are busy and decorative times. Potential holiday hazards are common, but pet emergencies don't have to be. I asked Darris to share some holiday pet safety tips to help ensure you don't take any trips to the emergency veterinary hospital this season. The last thing we want to ask Santa Paws for is money to cover expensive vet bills!  

Paws For Reaction dog gift guide Darris Cooper Petco

In most parts of Canada, we have to 'Let it Snow' whether we like it or not. Hazel is a cold-weather dog who flourishes in the snow, but many dogs are more comfortable with a little extra insulation in the wintertime. When I say insulation, I don't mean the kind you get from eating a huge holiday dinner. Dog sweaters, coats and boots are essential for these shivering pups. Coats are easy, but dog booties... that's another story. If you've ever tried to put boots on your dog you know what I mean. Darris shared a smart technique you can use to get your dog used to footwear- including both wearing and walking in dog boots. If you plan to invest in some canine footwear, you need to watch the video!

Petco holiday dog gift guide: Curated by National Dog Training Manager Darris Cooper

Petco Dog Gift Guide

These are some of the festive products that Darris introduced me to. To learn his expert tips for holiday safety, check out the video of my interview on YouTube!

Petco holiday dog beds pet beds

Darris made mention of training your dog to stay on its bed during holiday mealtime. He showcased the Dashing Slay Dog Bed, part of the More and Merrier line of products that is EXCLUSIVE to Petco!

Petco Christmas dog bed Santa Claus sleigh

What, to your wondering eyes should appear? This darling Dashing Slay Bed from More and Merrier! Your pup won't need eight tiny reindeer to pull them into a cozy slumber thanks to this snuggly, festive style. Available in elf size and Santa size!

Petco holiday Fairisle Large Knife Edge Dog Bed

The Fairisle Large Knife Edge Dog Bed is a great fit for a Hazel-sized pooch. The classic print is a wintery and festive non-denominational option. 

Petco has products to celebrate feline festivities too! Spruce up your cat's sleep space with this Christmas tree cat bed!

Petco All Spruced Up Christmas Tree Cat Bed

Let's move on from sleep to snack!

Petco Holiday dog treats

Darris mentioned WholeHearted dog treats as a year-round favourite of the pups in his household- specifically the training treats. Of course, because he's a dog trainer! They are fantastic treats, but Petco has some more festive WholeHearted dog treat alternatives for the season.

WholeHearted Grain-Free Tender Tidbits Peanut Butter Recipe Dog Training Treats Petco

How about leaving milk and cookies out for your dog, instead of Santa Claus? Maybe not the milk... This is not an endorsement for giving dogs milk. Stick with water. But WholeHearted has you covered in the cookie department with their Chip Cookie Treats. You may as well leave dog-safe cookies out for your pup because your dog will probably attempt to sneak a snack from the table anyway. Unless you have success using one of Darris' training methods...

WholeHearted Peanut Butter Flavor Chip Cookie Treats for Dogs

My Spanish family says Feliz Navidad, and your dog can say it too- while chewing on a WholeHearted Churro-style dog teat

WholeHearted Vanilla Flavor Churro-style Treats for Dogs Petco

An added bonus for us Canucks: Canadian residents can shop the WholeHearted line of Petco products at select Canadian Tire stores via their website! 

Petco dog Christmas cookies

Petco has an adorable line of decorated holiday treats and Christmas cookies for dogs. Santa-worthy and snack-worthy! 

doggy Christmas treats

Advent calendars for dogs allow you to celebrate with your dog every day in December. The More and Merrier Assorted Dog Chew Advent Calendar was featured in the collection of holiday dog products Darris had on display during our interview

Petco More and Merrier Assorted Dog Chew Advent Calendar

If you have a dog with food allergies or dietary restrictions Petco has you covered. The More and Merrier Advent Treat Holder is designed for you to use your own treats in the advent calendar. The bonus about this one is you can reuse it every holiday season!

More and Merrier Advent Treat Holder for Dogs

Petco Holiday puzzle dog toys treat balls

Darris recommended providing your dog with a treat ball or puzzle toy to keep busy during holiday mealtime. Hazel loves her puzzle toys! The Reddy Cherry Geo Treat Ball will keep your pup busy while your family enjoys a delicious dinner. The best part about this ball is that it's made from recycled materials! It comes in assorted sizes and colours, and is durable enough for a tough chewer.

Reddy Cherry Geo Ball Dog Toy

The elaborate puzzle toy featured in the video interview with Darris is the More and Merrier Holiday Puzzle Toy. It has a festive holiday design, featuring flip and slide compartments to discover hidden treats. It's sure to fill your pet with the spirit of Christmas- and snacks!

More and Merrier Holiday Puzzle Dog Toy

Thanks to Darris, I'm now obsessed with the holiday toys at Petco showcased during our interview. I especially like the inclusivity of holiday toys- both the inclusion of different holidays and the non-denominational selection. Let's start by digging into Santa's gift bag!

Dog Training Manager Darris Cooper Saint Bernese Christmas dog toys  Petco holiday dog gift guide

Darris mentioned plush toys as a holiday doggy gift option. I love plus dog toys because they are adorable and aesthetically pleasing. Hazel loves them because she can decapitate them, rip their innards out and spread them all over the floor. An adorable plush dog toy featured in the video is the More and Merrier Llama. I'm not sure why llamas are associated with Christmas, but I can't deny that they're super cute!

More and Merrier Llama Tough Plush Dog Toy Petco

Another holiday plush toy featured in the video baffled me. The Christmas pickle. I had to Google it and from what I read about this dill-icious tradition, an ornamental of a pickle is placed on the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, the first person to find the pickle on the tree would either receive an extra present from Santa Claus or have a year of good fortune, depending on your interpretation of the tradition. Petco has hidden a few Christmas Pickle plush dog toys in their holiday product line. 

More and Merrier Plush Naughty Pickle Dog Toy

Ready for a Christmas chuckle? A HO-HO-Hilarious dog gift that's shaken, not squeaked... actually it will definitely be squeaked. Fill your dog's holiday cup with the More and Merrier Plush Beer Toy. Please squeak responsibly.  

More and Merrier Plush Beer Classic Dog Toy

Looking for another laugh-inducing Christmas gift for your dog? Check your stocking!

More and Merrier Plush "I Can Explain" Coal Dog Toy

Has your dog been naughty or nice? With Hazel, it's a mixed bag. But she has certainly earned a lump of coal a few times this year. Petco is being nice by not leaving out naughty dogs with the More and Merrier Plush "I Can Explain" Lump of Coal Toy. It's good for a holiday laugh, and maybe some accountability... 

Petco Hanukkah Dog toys

Celebrate Hanukkah with the Petco festival of lights-inspired dog toys! The Hanukkah Rope Toy featured in our video interview is perfect for the playful pooch. Fetch and tug your way through the eight days of Hanukkah with this menorah-themed toy that reads "Happy Hanukkah."

Hanukkah Rope Dog Toy

Bark your traditions loudly with the Hanukkah "Chewish" Bone Toy! This toy is sure to squeak and crackle throughout the eight days of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Bone Dog Toy Chewish

In the spirit of inclusivity, Petco has decided that everyone gets a pickle! Look under your tree! You get a pickle! You get a pickle! Your dog gets a pickle! And if you celebrate Hanukkah, your dog gets a Kosher pickle! Your dog can chew on this dill-icious Kosher Pickle Toy under the glow of festive lights. 

Kosher Pickle Dog Toy

There's no way Hazel and I can share all of our favourites, but here are a few honourable mentions that are a little on the quirky side.

Dog Training Manager Darris Cooper: Holiday dog training & safety tips PLUS Petco holiday dog gift guide

You and your dog can have matching holiday pyjamas. I'm not making this up. 

Matching Christmas pjs with your dog Petco

Or your dog can be super extra and wear an ugly doggy Christmas sweater, like this one.

More and Merrier Santa Dog Sweater

Or maybe just festive hat and cape...

More and Merrier Santa Reindeer Dog Costume

Or a holiday headband...

More and Merrier Assorted Value Antlers for Dogs

Even poop pick-up can be festive! Santa's got a brand new bag!

More and Merrier Dispenser with Refills for Dogs

Decorate the tree with a personalized ornament!

Petco  Personalized Dog Bone with Light Ornament

Petco's holiday gift guide is sure to make more merry in your home! CLICK HERE to check out Petco's More & Merrier collection in their holiday shop to gift your pet one of the pawsome products you see in this video. In Canada, you can shop Petco online. You can also shop the WholeHearted line of Petco products at select Canadian Tire stores via their website!

Petco Holiday Dog Gift Guide: Dog Trainer Darris Cooper shares holiday pet safety tips & best dog products

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