Photos: Mountain dogs enjoying first snow in Ontario

Photos: My mountain dogs enjoying first snow
It finally snowed in Ontario!

It is very exciting. Climate change couldn’t have been more obvious this Christmas here in Ontario, Canada- a province that is usually draped in a thick blanket of cold, sparkling snow by now. Instead we had a grassy-green holiday season- until today. Hopefully this will be a big enough sign for everyone to change and make more eco-friendly lifestyle and diet choices.

Both of the girls were really excited for snow but Hazel was he most excited. She hasn’t seen snow since she was a little, tiny puppy. Now she is a 97 lb almost one year old. Saint Bernese dogs are in their element in the winter time and I was disappointed that they weren’t getting to experience it. Finally today it snowed and we took the girls on a hike through a winter wonderland. Check out our photo story in the snowy forest.

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