Warm winter walks: #NorthFetch dog apparel is Canadian and cozy

Warm winter walks: #NorthFetch dog apparel is Canadian and cozy

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There is nothing quite like a Canadian winter. Here in the Ottawa Valley winters are cold but full of adventure. There are so many great places to ski, snowshoe and hike in this region. I love to bundle up and hit the trails with my big mountain dogs to do some winter exploring! Hazel and Keira do very well in cold weather. They are both big, fluffy Saint Bernese dogs that are built for the cold weather. Avalanches? Bring it on! My girls are great in the winter, but it is not very often they get to go hiking with a friend.

Meet Waldo! Waldo is my co-worker’s dog and I love spending time with him. I really wanted Keira and Waldo to go on a long walk but I don’t want Waldo to get too cold. He is fluffy enough but can he roll with the big dogs? That is where North Fetch Athletics™ comes in!

North Fetch is a Canadian pet apparel company that produces high quality and affordable dog jackets, vests and coats available exclusively at Canadian PetSmart stores. Their product line is gorgeous and modeled after human fashions. I couldn’t believe how stylish the North Fetch Puffer Vest was and how great it looked on Waldo.

Fitting Waldo in his North Fetch gear was easy- his Puffer Vest is adjustable with Velcro so we could get the perfect fit. It is such a practical dog vest- it is water resistant with a leash slit and faux down insulation. The vest is made of the same materials as human winter coats and it was nice to know Waldo would be warm while hiking with Keira.

Waldo was an adorable proud Canadian rocking his new vest. He kept up with Keira as we walked through the woods. I was so happy that he could join Keira for one of her long walks- he enjoyed himself the whole time. They bonded over some smells. The pocket was great because Waldo could carry my phone just in case his mom called.

Waldo and Keira wandered through the tall red pine trees and looked longingly in the direction of squirrel chirps. They performed their tricks eagerly for treats and not once did Waldo shiver or appear to be cold or uncomfortable. He pranced around in his North Fetch Puffer Vest showing off how stylish he was. I think Keira was a little jealous.

Waldo looked like a true Canuck in his North Fetch vest and he was nice and toasty for his first winter play-date with Keira. The two of them were fast friends and I look forward to future winter play-dates because I know Waldo’s North Fetch will keep him warm.

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