Becoming a #ClimateRealityLeader Join me on my journey to a #green #sustainable future

Becoming a Climate Reality Leader: Join me on my journey to a green, sustainable future
During Obama's Farewell Speech he said "if you see something that needs fixing, lace up your shoes and do something about it." It is in the spirit of those inspirational words that I am proudly sharing with all of you that I have been accepted to the Climate Reality Leadership Corps to train to become a Climate Leader in my community.

In March I will travel to Denver, Colorado to attend training hosted by former Vice President Al Gore and other climate scientists to learn about how I can help implement green initiatives and climate actions in my community, and to educate youth and meet with community leaders to spark change. It is a great honour I don't take lightly.

The training and conference is completely free and includes meals and all the training materials. To be a Climate Reality Leader means you are a volunteer, you serve your planet, and I am not allowed to get paid a fee or salary for any of the 10 climate actions that I will be committed to (a year) after I complete my training. So this is not for any monetary gain; I am volunteering to serve the environment and my community. What I need is sponsors to help fund my travel expenses: flights there and back, hotel room and travel costs to and from the conference centre/airports. The training conference is March 2-4, 2017. 

Climate Change is the single greatest challenge that my generation faces. I personally want to make up for my years of not appreciating nature in the same way that I do now- the same way I did as a kid when, I would collect frogs with my sister. I spent so many years with only concrete under my feet, I forgot what it was like to pull blades of grass through my toes. Every time I hike a trail with my dogs I am reminded about how fragile this all is right now. 97% of peer reviewed science states that climate change is real, and the studies and statistics can be so defeating. Becoming a climate reality leader will arm me with the knowledge of how to help in my community. To be able to hold my ground with community leaders, or share my knowledge with schools and businesses is the ultimate goal. I will also be able to create credible media campaigns and organize climate change events, as well as support local climate actions already taking place.

To be accepted to this program is an honour and a privilege, and it would mean so much to me to receive even the smallest donation to fund my dream to become a Climate Reality Corps Leader. Thank you so much for your donation, and for getting involved in a green, sustainable future!

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