Becoming a #ClimateRealityLeader You can help me get there! #ClimateChange

Becoming a Climate Reality Leader: You can help me get there!

Hi Paws peeps! I have been accepted to the Climate Reality Corps Leadership Program and am excited to start my training as a Climate Reality Leader. Thank you to everyone who has donated to my fundraiser so far- I'm so grateful! I'm looking forward to teaching my community about how to live more sustainably. Over the past year I have been sharing eco-friendly tips and products with my readers, but becoming a Climate Reality Leader would give me the opportunity to learn about the incredible efforts being made all over the world to combat climate change. It would give me the network and platform to generate new ideas. I would have the tools I need to speak to and represent my community- the beautiful Ottawa Valley.

The Climate Reality Corps Leadership training- hosted by founder Al Gore and environmental scientists- takes place March 2-4 in Denver, Colorado. Since I'm travelling from Ontario, Canada, this is going to cost me. The program itself is free, however I have to travel and pay for my accommodations, and I can't be paid to do my work as a Climate Reality Leader.

I have set up a 

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