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How to shop eco-friendly, waste reducing and sustainable product

Ottawa takes a big step forward with terra20

Like a rising tide, Canadian citizens are becoming more concerned with conserving and protecting the environment. Floods of people around the world are marching in climate protests, acting as local water protectors and demanding change from world leaders. Our carbon footprint is too big and our protected lands are too small. But one trail blazing local company is leading the way to a more sustainable future.

I was very excited the first time I walked into the terra20. The anticipation was like a wave and I was carried inside. This was a whole other type of shopping experience, one I had only dreamed about. The shopping experience of the future. terra20 in located in Ottawa, Ontario. They currently have two stores; Pinecrest and Wellington. terra20 offers a healthy and more sustainable shopping experience. For anyone concerned with their impact on the planet, terra20 is one stop shopping for consumer goods that you can trust are healthy and eco-friendly.

A Stats Canada report in 2013 showed that 18% of Canadian households- almost 1 in 5- engaged in unpaid activities aimed at conservation or protection of the environment or wildlife. We can eat local, grow organic gardens and recycle our trash, but when it comes to shopping for the rest of life, finding eco-friendly alternatives isn’t always easy. One of the most difficult ways to make a positive impact on the environment is through consumer goods.

Products at terra20 must meet one or more of their ethical guidelines; no bunnies (no animals harmed), organic, high efficiency, waste reducing, free of harmful chemicals, sustainable, green certification, fair trade and made in Canada. I was really impressed by the variety of products, beautiful store and friendly customer service.

Terra20 even has what they call ‘ecobar’ a service that replaces household cleaning supplies with healthier, refillable alternatives. These products are affordable, Canadian and work just as well as other cleaning products. The products are free of harsh chemicals and not tested on animals- plus refilling the bottle cuts down the cost of packaging and is waste reducing! What is more sustainable than that!

As hard as it is to find household cleaners and detergents that are truly environmentally safe, it’s even harder for women to find makeup that is not tested on animals. terra20 offers a wide selection of cosmetic brands that do not test on animals. Not to mention skin care, beauty and bath and body products. They even offer trendy but sustainable makeup bags!

terra20 has everything from clothes and jewelry, to food and dishware, to electronics and lifestyle products. terra20 even sells dog treats! The store also has everything you could possibly need to put together a ‘Litterless Lunch’ for the whole family. I purchased a new lunch bag during my visit to terra20. All customers take home their products in a recyclable paper bag and receipts can be emailed so that the terra20 shopping experience is as waste reducing as possible.

terra20 has so many affordable eco options and their rewards program gives you money back on your purchases. After my amazing experience at the Pinecrest store I knew I had to share it with my friends and family. As someone who has spent most of her life in Ottawa and the surrounding Ottawa Valley, I’m proud to say that terra20 is local. In the future, I hope terra20 is able to expand, because all Canadians should have access to a healthier shopping experience, and sustainability made easy. A new wave of environmentally friendly living is upon us, and I for one am excited to dive in!

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