The #EasterBunny and more: Fun #Easter facts

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The Easter Bunny and more: Fun Easter facts 

Find out where the most famous rabbit came from, how Easter is celebrated around the world and so much more! These facts are full of candy, beautiful photos of rabbits, and the holiday spirit. Check out these Easter facts and have a Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny History

The Easter Bunny that we know today is believed to have originated in Germany during the Middle Ages. Rabbits and chicken eggs were both considered symbols of rebirth and fertility- true signs of spring. Soon the Easter Bunny was delivering candy and eggs.

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Easter Bunny

In Germany, the Easter Bunny would leave children sweet treats in their shoes. When the German's brought the Easter Bunny to America shoes turned to baskets and the traditions adapted to become more like what we see today.

The Easter Bilby

In Australia, rabbits are a European immigrant species that has overpopulated and outworn their welcome. The bilby is an endangered Aussie species has now been adopted as their national symbol of Easter. The Easter Bilby is responsible for bringing the children Easter treats and you can even buy a chocolate Easter Bilby in Australia.

Easter Candy Fact

Jelly beans became an Easter candy staple in the 1930′s and close to 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter every year. The red or ‘cherry’ jelly bean is the most popular but in overall popularity Peeps win it and are the top non-chocolate Easter treat.

Easter Candy Consumption

Close to 700 million peeps are sold for Easter. These marshmallow treats have become some of the most popular Easter candy. Cadbury Creme eggs are the most popular chocolate eggs sold at Easter. As for holidays with the most candy consumption Easter comes in second to Halloween.

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Easter egg hunt

The annual Easter egg hunt that takes place on the White House lawn is the most famous Easter egg hunt in America. The event first took place in 1878 and was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Happy Easter

When eating a chocolate Easter Bunny statistics show that a person is most likely to eat the ears first. Have a very happy Easter weekend!

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