All About the Irish: Popular Pet Names & Irish Pet Names

It's all about the Irish: put aside popular pet names of 2012 and try something a little more Irish

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Bella, Bailey, Max, and Chloe are the trendiest pet names in North America right now and Katniss is of course on its way up the ranks. But on this Oh greenest of days, I’d like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by suggesting some great Irish pet names to shake things up. Forget about Lucky or Shamus- these unique Irish names may be perfect for a pet. This is my top 10 list of Irish pet names, along with the top 10 pet names of 2012 according to the annual report published by Veterinary Pet Insurance.

My Top 10 Irish Pet Names

1. Morrissey- does your dog love the water? If so this moniker is a superb Irish name as it means ‘choice of the sea.’
2. Kennedy- a perfect match for tough pets, the Irish name Kennedy means ‘helmet headed.’
3. Sweeney- set aside any thoughts of the evil Sweeney Todd, the Irish name Sweeney means ‘little hero.’
4. Brady- a perfect Irish name for upbeat pets, Brady means ‘spirited.’
5. Collins- this name is believed to mean ‘young warrior’ and could be a great name for a puppy or kitten.
6. Vevila- just for calm dogs, the Irish name Vevila means ‘harmony’
7. Madden- this name means ‘small dog’ so it’s fitting for a canine companion.
8. Nolan- is your pet a super-star? Because the Irish name Nolan means ‘famous.’
9. Regan- if your pet rules the home then Regan is the perfect Irish name- it means ‘little king.’
10. Flanagan- do you have a dog with a ‘red’ or ‘ruddy’ coat? If so Flanagan is the perfect Irish name for your pooch.

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