Cat Treat of the Month: March 2013

This month’s featured cat treat is purrrfectly pure and healthy

Photo by Sergiu Bacioiu CC BY-NC

Cats go crazy for the fresh, pure taste of PureBites® Ocean Whitefish Freeze Dried Cat Treats. Each bite is packed full of flavour and aromas sealed in by the freeze-drying process. This makes these treats highly palatable for your feline family member.

The Ocean Whitefish is low in calories but great for the cat’s skin and coat. These tasty treats are healthy enough to feed to any life stage. Kittens will love these all-natural treats and they are perfectly sized to be great training tools.

Packed full of nutrients these treats are great for kittens. Since they have only one ingredient they are very easy on the tummy. It is so much fun to feed treats so why not feed something that is good for the animal? PureBites® Ocean Whitefish Freeze Dried Cat Treats are just that!

Photo via Pure Bites website

All PureBites® products are made with only one to three ingredients which means they are great for cats on a limited protein diet. Kitties with allergies can rest assured that when the label says Ocean Whitefish that is the only ingredient the treat contains.
Picky cats love freeze-dried treats. With no additives or fillers, the cat gets the taste and smell of the fish unaltered. Real fresh ingredients make all the difference to a feline who is unsure of new foods.

Made in the United States, PureBites® treats are 100 per cent guaranteed to satisfy your pet. That’s how good they are- cats love them hands down. PureBites® are as close as you can get to putting the real fish right in the food dish!

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