Cat Breed of the Month: Abyssinian - March 2013

Abyssinian is a cunning and clever feline

Photo by John Morton CC BY-SA

The exotic looking Abyssinian cat breed is in the top five most popular pedigree cats registered with the Cat Fanciers Association. These social and affectionate felines are clever and make great companions for pet owners who love to play with their animals.

A pure breed Abyssinian is easy to spot. It is slender but muscular with long legs. Its ears and tail are slightly larger and longer than the average cat. The distinctive M shape marking on the forehead of the Abyssinian is the proof staring you in the face. They are beautiful creatures that come in a variety of colours- from reddish browns to silver- but they all have that majestic, worldly look to them.

Photo by FurLined CC BY-NC-SA

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