Pet of the Month: Lola

Pet of the month: little Lola enjoys her playtime with her best friend

Little Lola was a stray cat who wandered into the middle of the road one night and was rescued by a young girl who then gave that cat to her cousin. Lola now lives in her forever home with her best friend- a Jack Russell Terrier named Oliver. Lola loves to jump over Oliver and play with his toys. She loves sitting by the window and waiting for her family to come home from work. Lola is very quiet, and timid, and has never quite found her voice. When she meows it is very quiet and soft. Her fur is a fair buff colour and very soft. She spends most of her time sitting on the stairs waiting for pets from her people. But don’t be fooled- she loves to bug her best friend when no one is looking and often gets caught jumping right over him.


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