Dog Toy of the Month: Silly Bums- March 2013

Dogs get cheeky: these adorable toys have junk in the trunk!

No need to call animal control- this is a bum that your dog can sink its teeth into without worrying about the consequences.

Romp! Silly Bums are adorable stuffed teasers and are great for dogs of all sizes. These toys will even entertain dog owners. Go ahead and say it. “My dog has some junk in the trunk!”

These toys are modeled after the butt ends of animal. Silly Bums animals that are available are horses, skunks and my personal favorite the great Canadian beaver. Pups will enjoy this plush toy even more since it has a squeaker inside and it even crinkles.

This toy is not intended as a chew toy for strong and aggressive chewers- it is a plush toy. Try a Kong or similar toy as a teething chew. This is a toy for playful dogs who love to have fun. The layer of crinkle gives the dog a new texture as he chews through the toy and the tail and legs make it fun to tug on and flip around.

This well rounded toy also has everything that dogs love. There’s no ‘butts’ about it- Silly Bums are a fun and cheeky toy for both pets and pet parents. Plant your butt down and watch your dog’s tail wag as he plays with his Silly Bums for hours!

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