Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Photo by mrjorgen Foter CC BY-NC-ND
Dogs dislike rainy days because their ears are sensitive. The sound of rain is amplified and it can hurt a dogs vulnerable ears.

Pet Themed Holidays in January

This new year celebrate these pet themed holidays that will have you talking to your cat and saving squirrels

Photo by h.koppdelaney Foter CC BY-ND
January kicks off a new year for you and your pet. The month brings upon new beginnings, resolutions and a fresh start. Why not celebrate with a little extra attention for the furry friends that made last year so special.

January hosts a few different causes for animals. Not only is January National Train Your Dog Month, but it is also Walk Your Pet Month and Adopt a Rescued Bird Month.

This is a nice reminder to us dog owners about the importance of leash manners. Training your dog to walk well on the leash is not just good for your dog but it’s good for you too. Dogs that pull constantly can inadvertently cause back and shoulder injuries to their long suffering owners. If you think you could have these issues in the future enroll in an obedience class. Not only will it teach your dog better manners but it’s a great way to make new friends.