Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween pets in costume!

Photo by Matt Hamm Foter CC BY-NC

Pet themed holidays and awareness week in October 2014

Photo by All Chihuahuas  Foter CC BY-NC-ND
Furry fall fun!

Did you celebrate these pet holidays in October? Find out the fun you missed!

Life saving tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween

Photo by Soggydan Foter CC BY-NC
Tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween

The mistake you could be making this Halloween that could cost your pet its life- read more!

Halloween treats: The best pumpkin dog treat recipes

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Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin!

Make your pooch a special Halloween treat using pumpkin as the key ingredient! Try one of these quick and easy recipes!

Happy Halloween 2014 from Paws For Reaction

Have a safe and purrrfect Halloween!

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Hey Paw's peeps! Paws For Reaction editor and's Ottawa Animal Training Examiner Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez here! I don't just love pets but as some of you who follow me on Instagram know I am also a huge nature buff! You can see from Paws For Reaction mascot Keira's many hiking adventures- nature, pets and photography are a passion for me.

I have entered some of my nature photography in the Budding and Blooming photography contest in Canadian Geographic along side some other incredible Canadian photographers. I would love for my Paws For Reaction readers to check out some of my work and 'like' or vote for my photos

Paws For Reaction is located in the center of four incredible provincial parks in Ontario, Canada and many of my readers have joined my furry family for hikes through the Canadian wilderness. These photos for Canadian Geographic will take you on a little tour of my garden. Those who follow my Instagram are very familiar with my ever growing and changing flower and vegetable garden but Paw's peeps may not be as familiar with my green thumb. Flowers, ferns, moss and exotic daisies- and a few more!

So check it out! My photos are filed under the name Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez. And please while you are there like my photography- I hope they put a smile on your face and make you feel a little Canadian!

CLICK HERE to start looking through the gallery!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Christmas gift idea for the animal lover and all my single ladies

Photo via NYC RescueMen on Twitter
Christmas gift idea for the animal lover and all my single ladies

The inspirational 2015 Tailsof NYC RescueMen Calendar will give you a double dose of cute and it raises money for a great cause. The calendar features 12 true stories about New York City men who rescued animals in need- ladies listen up!

Sales of the calendar- developed by Pillows for Paws ​and Grandpa Dave’s Creature Comforts- go towards raising funds for enrichment programs for NYC animal shelters. The 2015 Tails of NYC RescueMen Calendar is a great Christmas gift idea for any animal lover and it supports so many charities and is only $15.

Click here to buy your 2015Tails of NYC RescueMen Calendar and follow the RescueMen on Twitter. The pets are cute and the guys are too- what more could you ask for?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Safety tips: How to keep pets safe from Halloween hazards

Safety tips: How to keep pets safe from Halloween hazards
Photo by DirtBikeDBA (Mike) Foter CC BY-NC-ND

The neighborhood is getting spookier as Halloween crawls closer and closer. Horrific decorations adorn festive homes while they search for the best costume continues. Little do pet parents know the candy and d├ęcor of Halloween could end up being dangerous for household pets.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) released its Top Halloween PetDangers and Safety Tips on Oct. 15 to help educate pet parents about how this scary holiday could negatively affect their pet.  VPI reports that in the United States alone consumers spend $7 billion on Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes. Unfortunately having all of these seemingly benign holiday objects in the home means that consumers could be exposing their pets to toxic or hazardous things.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Thanksgiving: 5 reasons to be thankful for your pets

Photo by Mark A. Scholl Foter CC BY-NC-ND
Give thanks: 5 reasons why people with pets live happier, longer lives

By Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

Canadian’s will gather round the dinner table Oct. 13 to celebrate Thanksgiving with family- and in many homes in North America the family members include pets. According to a 2013 survey by Ipsos- a leading market research company in Canada- 57% of Canadian's own a pet. In the United States 67% of households have a pet to call their own. Pet parents giving thanks to their pets may not know the amazing gifts that their pets are giving them every day.

Countless studies have been conducted to determine a pets influence on its owner's overall health. Research has shown that pets can do all sorts of things to improve their owner’s health and even help people live longer. Some pets assist people with disabilities while others soothes people suffering from depression. Either way there is plenty to give thanks to when it comes to pet.

Check out these 5 reasons to give thanks for the family pets. Find out how just owning a pet can benefit the entire family and keep them happy and healthy for the holidays and all their other days.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Photo: Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday!

Why does it feel like somebody's watching me?
Photo by Malingering Foter CC BY-NC-ND

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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pet food recall: October 2014

Photo by Finger Food Foter CC BY-NC

Pet food recall: October 2014

Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef & Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats

PRESS RELEASE - Dear Valued PetSmart® Customer,

Loving Pets Corporation has announced a voluntary recall of the following expiration date of Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef & Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats due to the potential of mold growth. No other Simply Nourish or Loving Pets treats are affected


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Keira's Provincial Park tours: High Falls, Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada

Keira's Provincial Park tours: High Falls in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

All photos by Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez Copyright©

Keira and daddy were embarking on a 6km hike- there and back- to High Falls in Algonquin Park, Achary- one of the largest Provincial Parks in Ontario, Canada... 


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Photo: Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday!

Don't mess up my weave!
Photo by rowdyHarv internet hit and miss Foter CC BY-NC-ND

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Photos: Adorable dogs playing in the fall leaves

Fall is here: Festive dogs playing in the autumn leaves

By Stacey Gonzalez
Remember when you used to play in the leaves? Sometimes our pets love something just as much as we do! These dogs are outside enjoying the fall weather and colorful leaves that coat the ground.

Photo by dbking Foter CC BY


Friday, 3 October 2014

Healthy digestive diet: 7 homemade dog biscuit recipes using pumpkin

Photo by drake lelane Foter CC BY-NC
7 homemade dog biscuit recipes using pumpkin

By Stacey Gonzalez
When shopping for pumpkins to carve into Jack-o-lanterns this Halloween you may be unaware of the incredible health benefits that the bright orange gourd has for your pet. Powdered pumpkin seed is often used to support urinary health in dogs. It is especially useful if the dog has an upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation. Pumpkin is rich in fiber and its natural oils ease digestive stress and discomfort. 

Not only will pumpkin keep your dog regular but it is a healthy snack that is extremely low in calories. Since pumpkins are so accessible in October you may want to pick up an extra one for your pooch. Homemade dog treats using pumpkin in the ingredients provides the dog with a safe and healthy treat. When feeding pumpkin from a can make sure to always use canned pumpkin and not canned pumpkin pie filling.

Listed below are 7 easy and delicious dog treat recipes using this festive fall food. It is important to consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about feeding pumpkin.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Best Halloween costume ideas for dogs

Photo by San Diego Shooter Foter CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The 14 best dog costumes for Halloween 2014

Halloween is drawing near and pet parents are starting to get their pets costumes together.  Spider Dog- created by YouTube prank group SA Wardega- terrified citizens and respectively raised the bar for creative dog costumes. Whether the costume is scary, clever or just plain adorable the bar is set high for 2014. Check out these spooky pups model 14 of the best Halloween costumes for fall 2014. We added a few more photos of adorable dogs in Halloween costumes at the bottom of the page- just for fun!