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#EtsyHolidayGiftGuide: Perfect #Christmas #gifts for #quirky #pets & #PetOwners

Etsy holiday gift guide: Perfect gifts for quirky pet owners
Etsy is a great place to do your Christmas shopping because you are supporting an amazing group of crafters and designers who are doing it on their own. Take a step back from large retailers and get something extra special this season. Shopping Etsy is a little bit like shopping local. Your purchase really makes a difference, and your gift will be completely unique. Etsy is a great place to find something quirky and unexpected- and personal. Check out this quirky holiday gift guide!

Photo via What a Novel Idea
Quirky and playful black cat double broach

I love this item from What a Novel Idea Etsy shop! This quirky but stylish double broach is a great gift idea for a cat lover! Who says you can’t take your cat with you everywhere? About this item: “They each measure about 2" long and 1 1/2" tall and are connected by a red and gold rosary bead chain measuring about 4". You can wear these pretty cats on your collar or wear them as a double pin on your top or sweater as seen in the pictures above. Each little feline has been covered with a protective gloss sealer but it's best that you keep them from getting wet.”

Photo via Breakfast Jones
Custom hand-painted pet portrait on wood

This is a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift for a pet lover. These adorable pet portraits can be ordered from Breakfast Jones Etsy shop! I love the art by Breakfast Jones, there are many great options to choose from. About this item: “Custom pet portrait, hand painted pet portrait on 5 to 8" wood rounds, by Artist Kendyl Lauzon. Created from your photographs, I hand paint portraits of all different types of fur/feather/gill babies. The painting I create is an excellent way to immortalize your pet after they have passed on. A creative way to remember them and the love you shared.”

Photo via Napping JoJo
Unique designer shoe pet bed

This pet bed is so adorable- it looks like a warm and fuzzy moccasin. Perfect for cold December nights. This bed is available, along with other shoe inspired beds, via the Napping JoJo Etsy shop! About this item: “Pet Bed for shoe lovers! Cats love shoes! Dogs love shoes! A shoe shaped pet bed is like a pet's dream come true! Medium size moccasin pet bed made in Brooklyn New York. It suits pets up to 18 lbs. Most cats, small breed dogs, puppies and alike should be all able to curl up comfortably in this soft bed.”

Photo via Very Vintage
Sushi dog collar

Very Vintage
Etsy shop has fun and quirky dog collars of all kinds- even Christmas themed collars! But this sushi collar has to be the quirkiest of the bunch, and a great gift idea for the dog lover you are buying for. About this item: “I love this fun Sushi fabric! This collar is adorned with a pretty light ice blue cotton adorned with fun sushi! Yum! We've also gone ahead and adorned it with a matching red buckle. As always, this vintage style fabric covers our unique organic cotton webbing!”

Photo via Dazzle Doggie
Doggie Rudolph neck tie

Your dog can be just as dressed up as you this holiday season! Dazzle Doggie Etsy shop has great canine accessories for Christmas- including this sweet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer neck tie. About this item: “Rudolph the red nosed reindeers nose shiny on this pet neck tie. Our neck ties slide easily over your dog collar. They come in 3 sizes. The Large neck tie slides over a 1 inch wide collar and hangs below the collar approximately 5 1/2 inches. Medium slides over a 3/4-inch-wide collar and hangs below the collar approximately 4 1/2 inches. The small neck tie slides over a 1/2-inch-wide collar and hangs below the collar approximately 3 1/2 inches.”

Photo via VaivanIndre
Felt cat bed cave

If you are looking for a cat bed that is also a conversation piece, then look no further. VaivaIndre Etsy shop is full of wondrous felt creations like this gaping mouth cat cave. About this item: “We made cat cave from soft merino wool. Felting pet house we used only soap and water. In this cat house your pet will feel safe and cat cave has a tail which will serve as pet toy.”

Photo via Fanti Arts & Crafts
Catnip pizza

Looking for that perfect gift for your cat, or maybe someone who loves cats? Look no further! This Fanti Arts and Crafts pizza is a slice your cat will love! You can even order it in a full pie or slices! About this item: “Who order Pizza?? Awww My cat did!!! Why not enjoy Pizza Time with our little Kitties?? This little Cute Pizza is Fill with Organic Catnip from Ontario. Made with 100% cotton fabric and cotton batting.”

Photo via FOTOS2ART
Star Trek pet portrait

What you are seeing is real. Your pet can be part of Star Fleet this Christmas. This is the perfect gift for the pet lover who is also a Trekkie. The FOTOS2ART Etsy shop features this and many more quirky, fun and artistic ways to immortalize your furry family member! About this item: “This is my unique take on a custom pet portrait! These characters are dressed in Star Trek uniforms - TNG - The Next Generation costumes. You can choose any color you would like for the uniforms and add any saying below your pet's portrait to create a really unique Star Trek print.”

Check out the Etsy Editor's Picks!

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#ModernFlowerChild #jewelry: #Natural #handmade works of art #GIVEAWAY

Modern Flower Child: Natural handmade works of art

What I love the most about Modern Flower Child jewelry is that each piece takes you on a journey. Modern Flower Child resin jewelry perfectly preserves flowers and other organic material. The bracelets are so whimsical. I purchased this once because it reminds me of walking through a garden. The jewelry is a breath of fresh are, and so natural. Each piece is handmade, from designing using delicate flowers and foliage, to pouring, curing and shaping. Read more about Modern Flower Child on the website!

GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN a free Modern Flower Child resin bracelet

GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN a free Modern Flower Child resin bracelet, made with real flowers! To enter the giveaway “Like” the  Paws For Reaction Facebook page, “Like” this post and “Share” it on your Facebook timeline! Contest closes November 28, 2016. Must live in Canada or the USA. A draw will be held on December 1st and the winner will be announced on the Paws For Reaction Facebook page and contacted though direct message. CLICK HERE to visit the Paws For Reaction Facebook page.

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#URGENT! #Kittens in #OttawaValley area need #ForeverHomes #Ontario #Canada

URGENT! Kittens in Ottawa Valley area need forever homes

Three feral kittens are in desperate need of forever homes in Golden Lake, Ontario. I am reaching out to my readers in the Ottawa Valley to share this story so we can get these little fur babies a home. All three kittens- two female and one male- are living inside now and eating wet and dry cat food.

Golden Lake resident Gillian is looking for homes for the feral cats that her father was feeding before he passed away this week. You can reach out to Gillian by emailing

Paws peeps I need your help! If you are able to rescue one of these cats please email Gillian right away. If you are not in a position to bring a new pet home, please share this story!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#Photos - #Dogs in #Halloween #costumes 2016

Photos: Dogs in Halloween costumes 

It's that time of year again! Time to look at adorable photos of dogs in Halloween costumes! As cute and hilarious as this can be, it is important to make sure that your pet's costume is comfortable and not constricting. Halloween hazards are all around you and although holidays are fun they can present dangers. I hope you enjoy these costumed canines, and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Photo Hannah Bluedawn

#FACEBOOK #GIVEAWAY! Enter to #WIN free #ModernFlowerChild #jewelry

GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN a free Modern Flower Child resin bracelet

GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN a free Modern Flower Child resin bracelet, made with real flowers! To enter the giveaway “Like” the  Paws For Reaction Facebook page, “Like” this post and “Share” it on your Facebook timeline! Contest closes November 28, 2016. Must live in Canada or the USA. A draw will be held on December 1st and the winner will be announced on the Paws For Reaction Facebook page and contacted though direct message. CLICK HERE to visit the Paws For Reaction Facebook page.

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#Photos - #Dogs in #witch #costumes for #Halloween

I put a spell on you: Spellcasting dogs dressed as witches for Halloween

Photo by Ted Murphy

I love witches! I also love dogs, which is why I'm sharing these photos of adorably spooky canine witches. These dogs dressed as witches are celebrating Halloween by casting spells and brewing potions.

What is your dog dressing up as for Halloween?

#Halloween #HorrorMovie #List: #Halloween themed scary #movies by #PawsForReaction

Photo by Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez Copyright©
Horror movie night: Halloween night collection

We danced on devils night but the true terror is just beginning! Halloween night is when the sky is darkest and the dead come out to play. On this All Hallow of Eve's we dress up to disguise ourselves so we can move among the monsters. While horror movies are horrific, not all beg to be watched on Halloween night. This is a list of horror films that have a Halloween theme or have haunting events that take place on the scariest of holidays. Turn your cauldron up to boil and check out this movie list- the good films and the bad- and bring your nightmares back from the dead this Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

#Hotdog - #Dogs dress up as #hotdogs for a tasty #Halloween #photo story

Hot dog: Dogs dress up as hot dogs for a tasty Halloween photo story
Photo by Ben Murray

Is there a funnier, more adorable dog Halloween costume than a hot dog? Check out these adorable hot dogs strut their stuff for the spookiest holiday of the year!

What is your dog dressing up as for Halloween this year? Tweet me @PawsForReaction

Photo by Hello Chaos

#Halloween #Horror #TV #List: #Supernatural and scary TV shows by #PawsForReaction

Photo by Kevin O'Mara
Halloween horror TV: Supernatural TV shows and horror anthology series to give you a scare this Halloween

Looking for something spooky to watch this Halloween? Why not binge watch one of these horrific TV shows! This is a list of supernatural and horror themed TV shows, mini-series and anthology series. This Halloween I will be re-watching the new and totally awesome Stranger Things series on Netflix. I think I might re-visit the Murder House in the first season of American Horror Story. What TV show will you be watching this Halloween?

Friday, 28 October 2016

13 #Spooky #Halloween #Books for #Children

Readers beware: 13 spooky children's books to read this Halloween

Photo by Professor Bop
Fall is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love changing leaves, warm sweaters and most of all Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday- mostly because I love scaring people! Growing up I liked to scare people, it was a lot of fun, especially scaring my little sister. I would hide in her closet and jump out when she least expected it. To this day she is still afraid that I might be in there, lurking and waiting for my next scare. What I love even more than scaring people is scary movies, TV shows, and above all scary books. To get in the spirit for this frightful holiday I am sharing this list of 13 scary kids books to read on Halloween- with quick links to purchase for a great price at Target! Some of them may be too scary for younger children, but most kids will really enjoy these spooky picture books. Read them to your kids right before bed to turn their sweet dreams into nightmares... MUHAHAHAHAHA!

This post contains affiliate links to cool stuff!

I'm grouping the spooky Berenstain Bears books by Stan & Jan Berenstain together because I can't pick only one. I loved this series growing up. There are quite a few scary and Halloween themed Berenstain Bears books to choose from. These books are just scary enough to put your kids in the Halloween spirit, without giving them nightmares.

CLICK the book title to purchase online: Trick or Treat,  Spooky Old Tree,  Happy Halloween,  Ghost of the Forest,  The Haunted HouseGhost Walk

Spooky #Halloween #Pinterest page by #PawsForReaction

Via The Witching Hour on Pinterest
The Witching Hour

The sky is dark and the clouds are menacing. Children are dressed up as tiny monsters, hungry for sweets as they commence their racketeering door to door. The eerie glow of the jack-o-lanterns ghoulish eyes light the dark streets. Witches cackle in the distance and a blood curdling scream breaks the air right behind you. Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the inspiration behind The Witching Hour. View the Pinterest page- if you dare!  

Thursday, 27 October 2016

5 #MustHave, #Affordable #Halloween #Rope #DogToys from #Target to gift to your #Dog

5 must have Halloween rope dog toys from Target to gift to your dog this year

Pet Toy EV Halloween Black Green has the most adorable collection of Halloween themed rope toys for dogs. Thinking of getting your dog to do a trick for an extra special Halloween treat? Pick up one of these terrifyingly affordable rope toys!

1. Ghost on a Rope is the spookiest of all the rope toys. This trick-or-treating spirit has a loop and two knotted ends- great for the dog that loves to play tug!

CLICK HERE to view this toy via Target

#PawsForReaction #Pumpkins - Our past #Halloween #JackOLanterns

Paws For Reaction pumpkins: Our past Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

A tradition in our home every Halloween is to have 4-6 really awesome, eye-catching Jack-O-Lanterns. We have started to become known for having great carved pumpkins and some trick-or-treaters come back multiple years in a row to see them. This year I wanted to share some of our past Jack-O-Lanterns with you, Paws peeps! Please enjoy our spooky pumpkins!

Photo by Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez Copyright©

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

4 adorably #spooky #Halloween #DogToys 

4 adorably spooky Halloween dog toys 

Looking for a Halloween gift to give to your furry family member? Look no further! Target has an adorable and affordable line of Halloween themed dog toys this year by Pet Toy EV Black and Green. These are 4 of the cutest plush squeaker Halloween dog toys from that line!

Halloween Cat Multi Squeaker Dog Toy - Black and Purple 

Monday, 24 October 2016

#Climate101 rally in #Ottawa will march against #KinderMorganPipeline

Climate 101 rally in Ottawa: 100 plus concerned citizens risk arrest to protest against Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Photo by Mark Klotz

Today in Ottawa, Ontario over a hundred students and concerned citizens gathered at Ottawa University to begin their protest and march against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. They risk arrest and will brave the cold to raise awareness and demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stop the building of the pipeline. This comes on the heels of yesterday's rally in Los Angeles against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Canadian Pacific Coast is a diverse ecosystem full of marine life that will be as risk with the building of another tar sands pipeline. Drinking water and ground water contamination is a risk. Also at risk is the impact on global warming as we need to be putting less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere- not more. Justin Trudeau was to be a climate leader, but a carbon tax is not enough. The 2 degrees agreed upon in the Paris Agreement may not be enough. With all the money that has been invested in big oil and fossil fuels for years, it seems insane to not invest money into clean, sustainable energy. Denmark, Germany, Scotland and Ireland are all leading the pack when it comes to clean energy. Canada should be on that list as we have diverse ecosystems and vast spans of forest we need to protect.

Photo by Mark Klotz
There are some that still don't "believe" in climate change. I put believe in quotations because climate change is a fact: it's not a unicorn, it is not a religion that you can choose to believe or not. It is a fact that 97% of the world's scientists agree on- not only do they agree that it's happening, but they also agree that man's reliance and extensive use of fossil fuels is a main cause of the accelerated global warming. So while climate change deniers look at me like I'm the crazy one, you are denying the scientific facts. You are denying the same science that builds your cars, produced your medicine and that you rely on everyday. I refuse to stop talking about climate change, because when all is said and done at least I can say I never stopped trying. I never stopped talking about it. No matter how many people denied science and acted as though I'm some crazy activist trying to save the planet. The planet will still be here after we destroy it- it's our infant species that we are risking.

These incredible Canadians are out in the cold risking arrest for our future. What will you do for their future?

#Climate101 #StopKM

#Halloween #HorrorMovie #List: #Witch and #Satanic themed scary #movies by #PawsForReaction

Photo by Neil Moralee
Horror movie night: Witch, satanic and cult collection

A cackle in the distance; a spell cast in the night. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I LOVE witches! I love everything about witches; spell casting, demon raising and cultish covens. When I was a teen my friends and I were obsessed with The Craft. Grab your book of shadows and get spooked by these satanic and spellbinding thrillers! This list contains horror movies that are perfect for planning a creepy night of demons, witches and exorcisms. Good or bad, these movies are made to entertain- whether your laughing at how terrible they are or scream in horror.