Monday, 31 March 2014

Extraordinary Pet: Theo

Photo by Carrie
Extraordinary pet: Theo loves taking care of his family
By Stacey Gonzalez- March 2014
Theodore- Theo for short- and his owner Carrie almost never came to be. Carrie was looking to adopt an older dog but when the saw Theo- an adorable little puppy- she couldn’t help but take him home. She made the right choice because Theo was meant for her in every way.

Theo came from a litter of three puppies that Carrie’s aunt and uncle were trying to get adopted out for a neighbour. She believes that he is part Chow Chow, Labrador retriever and German shepherd. But according to Carrie- “whatever he is, he’s definitely 100 per cent loveable!”

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A mix of tricks: The highly intelligent Saint Bernese dog breed

A mix of tricks: Learn more about the highly intelligent Saint Bernese dog
Photo by Stacey Gonzalez
By Stacey Gonzalez-
Information available about training pure dog bred dogs is vast and never-ending. Which dog is the best, most intelligent and most trainable seem to be common questions. Why not mix it up and spend some time looking at a highly trainable mix breed that dog lovers may be overlooking- the Saint Bernese.
Most responsible pet owners do some breed research before they adopt and rightfully so- different lifestyles cater to different breed characteristics. The American Kennel Club (AKC) released its list of the top 10 dog breeds of 2013 and the top three dogs were repeats from the previous year- Labrador retriever, German shepherd and the golden retriever.
In the book The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities author Stanley Coren came to the conclusion that the best breeds for training are the Border collie, Poodle and German shepherd. The Border collie is thought to be the most intelligent of all dog breeds according to canine dog experts worldwide.
What doesn't exist is well documented information about hybrid breeds. Some popular hybrids include the Puggle (Pug mixed with Beagle) and Labradoodle (Lab mixed with Poodle.) I own a Saint Bernese- three year old Keira.
Photo courtesy of
The Saint Bernese hybrid is a mix of two mountain dogs: the Saint Bernard and the Bernese mountain dog. Both breeds have things in common and things that set them apart. According to Marc Dubé- a breeder of the Saint Bernese cross- these dogs are not only intelligent but they are extremely loyal.
Marc and his wife Sylvie own Valley Ranch Kennel, a family run dog breeding kennel specializing in giant breeds. Located in Boulter, Ontario this family has been breeding big dogs since 2002 and have a great reputation due to their high standards. He breeds pure bred Saint Bernard’s and Saint Pyrenees (Saint Bernard mixed with Great Pyrenees) and is in his third year of breeding the Saint Bernese cross.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Extraordinary Pet: Teddy

Extraordinary pet: Teddy's rags to riches story 

Photo courtesy of @damiandazz
By Stacey Gonzalez- March 2014
Teddy has a pretty remarkable story. Transported all the way from a puppy mill in Arkansas, Teddy ended up at Rawhide Rescue in Warren, New Jersey. Thanks to the hard working and dedicated individuals at Rawhide Rescue Teddy was connected to Damian.
Damian first met three month old Teddy at an adoption meet and greet at the Petco in Bridgewater, NJ. One look at Teddy’s adorable face and it’s easy to see how someone could fall in love. Just look at that face!

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Extraordinary Pet: Nova

Photo by José
Extraordinary pet: Nova and her owner have a lasting bond

By Stacey Gonzalez- March 2014
Nova is the type of cat that commands everyone’s attention when she struts into a room- her soft, vibrant fur and twinkling eyes make her a sight to behold. With her long, orange fur and regal appearance she looks like a cat from a painting. When Nova’s owner José saw her it was love at first sight.
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Paws For Reaction wants to feature your pet!

Photo by Stacey Gonzalez

PawsForReaction is looking for a , or other critter to feature on our Paws For Reaction! Is your pet worth a feature! TELL US WHY!

Send us some information about why your pet deserves his or her own feature and some pictures (with proper attribution) and we will let the whole world know how special your pet is!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Keira's beach story in photos

Hanging with Keira: Keira's beach story
Photos by Stacey Gonzalez
At first, Keira was excited about the beach...
 ...but the weather turned dark...

Friday, 21 March 2014


Photo by Stacey Gonzalez Copyright©
Get a dog and get healthy- studies show that petting a dog can lower the owner’s blood pressure. Not to mention walking the dog is a great way to stay in shape! Your dog can be your ticket to a healthy lifestyle.


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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pet Themed Holidays in March

This March take a break to celebrate these pet themed holidays
Photo by Tambako the Jaguar Foter CC BY-ND
Holidays in March seem endless with Easter celebrations coming on the heels of a Saint Patrick’s Day party weekend. While us ‘two-leggeds’ celebrate our furry family members are also honored with these holidays and awareness weeks.

On March 1st skip the bacon and celebrate National Pig Day! Pigs as pets are growing in popularity and this day asks us to respect the meat and pass on the pork!