Saturday, 30 July 2016

Discover secrets in your #dog's #DNA with #RoyalCanin Genetic Health Analysis #GHA

Barking up the family tree: Discover secrets in your dog's DNA with Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis (GHA)
Photo by Elizabeth Tersigni

July 31 is National Mutt Day and I am a proud owner of two mixed breed dogs. I love my mutts, and specifically wanted mixed breeds because they are on average healthier. Many mutt owners have no idea what breeds are in the mix, but knowing this can provide some insight into your pet’s health and behaviour. That’s why Royal Canin is encouraging mixed breed owners to discover the secrets in their dog’s DNA through The ROYAL CANIN® Genetic Health Analysis (GHA).

The American Humane Association reported that mixed breed dogs are the most popular type of dog in the United States, comprising 53 percent of the nation's canine population. Having insight into your dog’s DNA can provide you with insider information. GHA can be used to tailor your dog’s wellness plan to include nutrition, predict a puppy's full grown size, and provide information about possible inherited diseases. Mutts can be predisposed to health issues and have unique behaviours just like purebred dogs, but knowing their genetic makeup can solve some of those mysteries.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Saint Bernese puppies make the best nurses!

Saint Bernese puppies make the best nurses
She has a lot of issues, but loving isn't one of them...

Hazel has been such a great nurse since I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. Both her and Keira have just overwhelmed me with love and affection. I have so many exciting upcoming projects that I have had to put on hold this week for my recovery, but Paws For Reaction will be up and running again soon! Thanks for caring Paws peeps!!