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The OSPCA National Cupcake Day is tomorrow and my cupcakes look great!

Tomorrow, February 25th is the Ontario SPCA's National Cupcake Day and I have spent the day preparing to sell cupcakes at PetValu in Pembroke to raise funds to support the local animal shelter. After a day of shopping, baking and cupcake decorating I have some tasty cupcakes and some fantastic photos. Check out my cupcakes and please support me by donation online. every dollar counts!

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After a fun trip to Bulk Barn- or as I like to call it 'candy heaven' we head home to start baking.

Prepare by lining the muffin tray- I chose cupcake liners with rabbits on them. We get a lot of rabbits in the store from the OSPCA that we adopt out so it seemed fitting. There was also a surplus of rabbit themed baking supplies at Bulk Barn since Easter is around the corner.

Mixing red velvet cake mix, since Valentines Day just passed it seemed fitting.

Batch one ready to go into the oven- now on to the chocolate fudge!

Next batch is chocolate fudge!
With the chocolate fudge in the oven the house started to smell really good.
Red velvet out of the oven and they are huge! These cupcakes are going to be great!

Time to ice!

First round of icing is cream cheese icing. Its really tasty- I know because I got to lick the spatula and the bowl!

The next round of icing is the rich chocolate fudge and the light whipped milk chocolate. We made sure we put a lot of icing on top.

Now its time to get the toppings ready! So much to choose from.

We used coloured chocolate discs to create paw prints on the cupcakes.

Mini M&M's will complete the paw prints- perfect to promote animal health and Paws For Reaction.

I chose pet related decorations for my cupcakes including tiny candy dog bones, fish treats, bunnies and chicks.

What do you think of my paw prints?

We made over 50 cupcakes so I hope I can raise lots of money and help a lot of animals.

My favourite are the paw prints but we did a mix of different decorations.

They look amazing!
I made two special kids cupcakes that come with a toy on top, stickers and special candies on top.

I hope you enjoyed my photos and I will post more after the big day tomorrow.
Visit PetValu at the Pembroke Mall- East to buy cupcakes and raise money for the OSPCA or donate online.
Photos by Stacey Gonzalez Copyright©

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