#Dog #Breed of the #Month: #Akita - #March 2013

The Akita dog breed is loyal beyond belief
By Stacey Gonzalez

Photo by gomagoti Foter.com CC BY-SA
Brave, bold and fiercely loyal the Japanese Akita is a great companion for experienced dog owners. With a little patience and a lot of training an Akita can be a valuable addition to your family, happily participating in your day to day activities right by your side.
The Akita is a working dog that can weigh anywhere between 70 to 130 pounds. Declared a national treasure in Japan the Akita dog is famous around the world thanks to one canine named Hachiko.

Hachiko was an Akita who greeted his master every day at the train station after work. One day Hachiko’s master passed away while on the job and his loyal dog waited for him relentlessly. He continued to return to that spot and wait for his master every day until poor Hachiko died on March 8, 1935.
Photo by aldenchadwick Foter.com CC BY

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