Valley Animal Rescue working hard for pets: PAWS FOR REACTION GIVEAWAY!

Valley Animal Rescue supports animals in Renfrew County and we support them with a giveaway!

Photo provided by Valley Animal Rescue
Meet Little Willy! Willy is one on the many pets that have been fortunate enough to be rescued by the Valley Animal Rescue in Renfrew County, Ontario. Willy, like so many other dogs and cats being fostered through this organization, is in need of a loving forever home with caring and patient people who can tend to his needs.

Valley Animal Rescue- or VAR- is a registered charity organization that relies solely on foster parents for the animals they take in. They run off of the donations and support of their community and local animal lovers. But unlike some of the other wider known animal shelters or rescue organizations that have more funding, VAR has to do quite a bit of the legwork. VAR has a network of community members who put in time for these animals without any pay- just the reward of giving a helping hand and a temporary home. Since it’s a foster run charity 100% of all donations go to the animals.

The VAR volunteers work hard to rehabilitate the pets that they take in and are always concerned with the health of the animals first and foremost. Each adoptable lives in a clean and happy environment with a volunteer that is in tune with their specific needs. The foster parents work hard to socialize these pets and keep them in good health before they find their forever homes. But finding new homes can be hard sometimes.

Little Willy in particular is in desperate need of a forever home. Willy may just be suffering from a long time issue that has plagued animal shelters for years- black dog syndrome. Years of research and statistics have shown that black dogs are often less likely to be adopted over a dog that is of another color  Although Willy loves his foster family and his foster family love him back he yearns for a forever home and a happy ending. Willy's situation was meant to be temporary and now he is ready to find his place in a family. He hopes he can walk with a family in the near future and needs an upbeat companion. Little Willy wants a home and we want a happy tail!

The people involved with VAR are working hard to provide rescue services in a community that has a growing overpopulation problem. They are dedicated to spaying and neutering the animals they intake but that costs big money. That’s why Paws For Reaction is asking you- the readers- to help support this amazing organization of dedicated animal advocates. These wonderful ladies and gentlemen need your help!

Get involved and get free stuff!

Visit to donate to Valley Animal Rescue. For every donation you make to Valley Animal Rescue that is $5 or more Paws For Reaction will send you your very own Paws For Reaction keychain free! Just send us the conformation of your donation:

If you live in the Renfrew County area and are able to donate goods check out this list of ideas:
•Dog beds
•Dog or cat collars, leashes and harnesses
•Scratch posts
•Litter boxes
•Stainless steel dog bowls
•Paper towels
•Dog or cat carriers
•Dog or cat toys
•Dog coats
•Dog blankets
•Gas cards for transportation
•Gift baskets for fundraising
•Gift cards for fundraising
•Canadian Tire money and gift cards
•Office supplies (envelopes, stamps)

I urge you to visit the Valley Animal Rescue website or visit this page to contact them

For a quick link to view adoptables:

Valley Animal Rescue Mission Statement

To act as an advocate for all animals ensuring their protection and well-being.
 To provide a place of sanctuary and protection for those animals who are abandoned, neglected, abused or otherwise in need.
 To work towards ending the suffering caused by pet overpopulation.
 To promote kindness, mercy, compassion and respect for all living creatures.

In order to achieve these goals we provide the following services:

Foster Program
 Adoption Program
 Manners and Socialization Classes for Dogs and Puppies
 Behavioural Assessment and Training
 Spay/Neuter Clinics
 Public Education
 Homes for the Unadoptable
 Animal Surrender

We take a positive approach and strive to make a difference in the lives of the animals and people we serve. We are passionate in our efforts to promote the protection and well-being of all animals and to build a community with compassion and respect for all living things.

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