Important information for rabbit owners

Photo by spiegelverkehrt CC BY-ND
Bringing home the bunny: Important information for rabbit owners

They are cute and cuddly and can be fun to watch as they play and hop for hours. Rabbits are gentle, social creatures with big personalities and even bigger popularity with pet parents.

These little cuties are commonly thought of as part of the rodent family but they are in fact lagomorphs.
There is also a misconception that small animal pets such as rabbits are low cost and low maintenance. But just like dogs and cats, these small animal pets need regular veterinarian check-ups and have their own specific needs. Rabbits are often adopted at Easter time and given as gifts- unfortunately many of these rabbits end up in shelters. Commonly thought of as a low maintenance pet rabbits in fact require as much care as a cat or dog.
All that aside they are playful, spontaneous and sometimes mischievous creatures with big hearts. They love human affection and companionship and can be great pet partners in crime. These are the realistic and important facts a first time rabbit owner must know when welcoming the new pet into the family.

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