Product #Review: Crofters #Organic Jam is #Ontario Made, #NonGMO & is Saving #Bees!

Product Review: Crofters Organic Jam is Ontario Made, NonGMO & is Saving Bees!
It's time for a change...

Crofters made its way into my kitchen when my fiancĂ© Robert picked up their  Wild Blueberry Premium Spread at our local grocery store. He knows how important organic and non-GMO foods are to me, and wanted a way to sneak bread back into our diet...a way that I would approve of. He knew I would be too excited about a new non-GMO product to care that it also entered our kitchen with a bag of carbo-loaded English muffins.

We have been on my newly invented "enviro-diet" since last November; I have lost more than 20 pounds, Robert has lost about 45. Our diet was designed to help the environment- losing weight was just a by-product of that. Basically our diet was intended to reduce the consumption of GMOs, meat, processed, packaged and frozen foods. I started buying whole foods; fresh produce and less food in boxes and bags. I cut out cows milk, and if I purchased a packaged food item, it had to be certified organic or non-GMO. It wasn't easy. It wasn't cheap. But it was life changing, and all of my digestive health problems went away completely. Companies like Crofters, that are verified by the Non-GMO Project make it a lot easier to eat this way. It speaks a lot to Crofters values that they chose to be inspected for use of non-GMO ingredients. Plus, their jam is delicious!

Crofters is a Canadian company, located in Parry Sound, Ontario. They have been in business since 1989, and they are deeply passionate about the environment, and about the public knowing what is in their food. That is why being verified by the Non-GMO Project is so important to them. Their preserves include Premium Fruit Spread, Just Fruit Spread and Super Fruit Spread. Their jams contain 1/3 less sugar than traditional preserves and they operate a sustainable business.

When you visit the Crofters website it is easy to see how important the environment and biodiversity is to them. They are part of the Green Cane Project, which promotes sustainable sugar cane farming, and fair labour practices for cane farm workers.

Saving the bee population is another important issue to Crofters. It is so important that they were willing to donate one dollar for every view of their YouTube video (up to $10,000). Bees have been going missing and some researchers have linked their disappearance to pesticide use. Honey Nut Cheerios recently raised awareness about the disappearance of bees in a popular campaign where they removed their iconic bee mascot from all of their boxes. Crops need bees to pollinate them, without the bees we will see a decline in crop yield. Crofters announced on their website that they have reached their goal of $10,000 which will be donated to their local Muskoka Parry Sound Beekeepers' Association and Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

This is really important. Although I do write sponsored posts for products I love, I want to make sure my readers know that Crofters did not pay me to write this. I'm hoping to educate my readers about tasty, non-GMO products. I have made an effort to boycott Monsanto GMO corn, soy and sugar beets- as well as the other GMO seed and produce I was eating everyday, without knowing it.

What is a GMO? A Genetically Modified Organism has had its DNA modified, altering its natural genetic state. The problem is that GMO's have been allowed into almost all of the foods we eat without any scientific testing, regulation or even labeling. Most of the public doesn't know. I used to believe that GMO's were just making our tomatoes bigger, our peppers all look identical, and our corn more nutritious.

It wasn't until I did my research that I found out their are two primary types of GMO seeds: pesticide producers (the plant produces a pesticide that kills bugs that threaten it) and herbicide resisters (allows plants to resist the pesticide used to kill weeds that threaten it.) GMO's in no way are designed to make our food healthier, and studies have linked GMO's to illness and disease. Companies who sell GMO seed have also been alleged to control agribusiness, and bully organic farmers to make the switch. GMO's do not ensure better yield, and the GMO crops are pollinating the organic crops, contaminating them and forcing organic farmers to switch to GMO seed against their will. Companies like Monstanto are legally able to patent the GMO seed they produce, basically allowing them to patent life itself. The farmers whose crops are contaminated must start buying GMO seed, or companies like Monsanto can investigate them and take them to court for stealing their patents. Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization that supports GMO labeling. When I see the butterfly, I know that the Non-GMO Project has ensured that all of the high risk ingredients have been verified non-GMO. Crofters is a delicious product that has the butterfly that I look for when shopping for packaged food, so Crofters gets the Paws For Reaction Paw of Approval! Consider this post sponsored by nature. And you can't put a price on that!

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