#epetsure: Comparing #PetInsurance plans made easy

Pet owners love #epetsure: Comparing pet insurance plans made easy!

Are you ready to discover my secret to easy pet insurance shopping...

My first real experience working with a pet insurance provider was at the animal hospital where I work now. We try to set clients up on free trials of pet insurance as often as we can, especially for those with new puppies or kittens. But it can take a long time for clients to make a decision- because it’s an important decision- and often times pet parents leave with some brochures and make the decision on their own at home. They search the web endlessly to find the best plan. Is this you? It can be a lot to absorb, I know.

Pet insurance is so important and can be very affordable. I know many pet owners have an "it won't happen to me" mentality about accidents and illnesses when it comes to their pets, but let me tell you- from experience- unexpected accidents CAN happen to you. It happened to me. Pet insurance will just ensure that you are more financially prepared for what may come.
Pet parents always have many questions about pet insurance plans, but I am most commonly asked these two questions:

1. Which pet insurance plan is the best for me?
2. How do I compare pet insurance companies?

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These are tough questions to answer. The best plan for you all depends on, well, you. A plan may be more suitable for your fur family based on your pet's lifestyle, and the expectations of the insurance company. But I have a secret that will make shopping for pet insurance easy, and I'm going to share it with you!

Comparing pet insurance companies has always been time-consuming and difficult. When we first brought Hazel home I called different insurance providers and searched company websites, taking notes of costs and coverage. It took hours. There has never been an easy way to compare pet insurance providers- until now.

Enter epetsure™ the BEST free tool for pet owners comparing pet insurance plans and providers. The team at epetsure.com is passionate about pet insurance, and they educate pet parents about different plans so they can make the most informed decision for their fur family. Choosing a pet insurance plan is a huge decision because not being able to pay for veterinary bills can put pet parents in tough financial situations. It is so sad when pet parents are forced to euthanize if an unexpected illness or accident happens.

Understanding pet insurance plans and policies can be tricky, but epetsure will make things a lot easier on you.
 For starters, their article Pet Insurance 101 is an in-depth overview of what pet insurance is and how it commonly works. I highly recommend reading this article before making any decisions about a pet insurance provider. It is a great place to start!

What I find extremely helpful is that epetsure also has an FAQ and a Glossary of terms. These tools are extremely useful if you are researching pet insurance plans. Understanding the terminology in these policies can be a lot of work, but epetsure has it all accessible in an easy to read format! They also have a directory of all the pet insurance companies and quick links to their websites.

The best part about epetsure (just when you thought it couldn't get better) is that their website compares similar plans offered by all different pet insurance providers, to simplify your choices when you comparison shop. This service is FREE! epetsure groups the plans into four groups that have similar costs and benefits. Once you select the group you are interested in- Accidental Only, Bronze, Silver or Gold- epetsure will show you the corresponding plans offered by ALL the pet insurance companies! You can even quick link right from the epetsure website to the plan you want, for easy signup!

I am just blown away that I'm able to research, compare and shop 11 different pet insurance providers in one place! epetsure is essential for any pet parent shopping for pet insurance plans or who wants to learn more about how their current policy works. epetsure has EVERYTHING you need to know about pet insurance in ONE place! Please share epetsecure.com - my pet insurance shopping secret! Their only goal is to make pet insurance shopping easier for you!

Do you have pet insurance? Tell me about it! I want to know if you like your policy and what it covers!

Help epetsure.com educate pet parents about pet insurance by sharing your story! If you are shopping for pet insurance plans, you NEED to visit epetsure!

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  3. You should get a detailed explanation from your insurance company on the specifics of your coverage, including any limitations and exclusions, for wellness and/or preventative care, as well as for emergency care and conditions that call for intensive medical attention. Learn how your rates may rise if you file claims or as your pet ages.