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Climate Facts: Sharing science and hope

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Since the industrial revolution, temperatures in Canada have been rising at a faster rate than before. If warming trends continue with will put wildlife species at risk, affect yield of agriculture and cause extreme weather events with the potential to displace millions.

“Between 1948 and 2012, the annual average surface air temperature over Canada’s landmass warmed by about 1.7°C, approximately twice the global average. While warming trends are observed consistently across the country, stronger trends are found in the north and west, particularly during the winter and spring. Northern Canada (north of 60° latitude) has warmed at a rate approximately 2.5 times the global average since the late 1940s.”
CLICK HERE to learn more from Canada's Sixth National Report on Climate Change!

Climate Facts about Climate change Global warming trends in Canada

I'm really inspired by Years of Living Dangerously and their hashtag #ClimateFacts to raise awareness about climate change. Paws For Reaction #ClimateFacts raise awareness about climate science, and also share solutions and renewable achievements. I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions about climate change or the Climate Reality Corps: email pawsforreaction@live.ca

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