February 23: Best treats for International Dog Biscuit Day

Favourite treats: On International Dog Biscuit Day anything in paw-sible

If your dog is hounding you for treats on February 23, then your pooch could already know that it is International Dog Biscuit Day! Who started this strange holiday is a mystery, but all of your doggos will be grateful that this holiday pitter-pattered onto your calendar.

Not all treats are cut from the same bone-shaped cookie cutter- some are tasty but not very safe. When James Spratt of England invented the first dog biscuits in 1860, I’m certain that he had no idea that his patented ‘Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes’ would evolve into the dog treat industry that we see today. In modern times dog treats fill the shelves, and they are not all just grains and vegetables and ‘gelatinous prairie beef’ like Spratt’s recipe. The biscuit has evolved into chews, rawhides, freeze-dried organs meats, parts of animals and treats targeted to promote specific health benefits.

The days of walking into the store and grabbing something off of the shelf are behind us. Now we have to research the safety of the product and the source of the ingredients to ensure that the treats won’t be hazardous or toxic. But what about the classic dog biscuit? My girls Hazel and Keira each have their favourite classic dog biscuit. 

Hazel is absolutely crazy about Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits. My dogs have always loved the P-Nutter, but recently I brought home the Bac’N’Cheez for them to munch on. Hazel loves them! Even though she is a big dog, the size small is the perfect size for her to snack on. The first time I brought home a bag, I gave her some and put them on the shelf. She just sat there staring up at them lovingly. They also have apple and carrots to add to the flavour profile, and Old Mother Hubbard uses natural ingredients and no dyes.

Keira is always thankful fur her Northern Biscuits. I absolutely love this Canadian brand. These hand-crafted biscuits come in a wide assortment of flavours, but Keira likes to keep it Canadian by chomping on the Poutine biscuit. 
The Poutine biscuits are shaped like French fries! The business was born in Toronto and use locally sourced ingredients. They are an environmentally conscious brand that sheds light on the importance of recyclable packaging.

In fact, both of these biscuits come in paper or cardboard packaging that can go right in the recycling bin! Another bonus that I love about these brands- the treats are low in fat, and as long as your dog’s treats don’t exceed 10% or her diet then you’re barking up the right tree! Happy International Dog biscuit Day! I hope you and your dog have a pawsome day of snacking!

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