Paws For Reaction is looking for guest bloggers

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This year more than ever, I've been providing an outlet for people in the community to share their stories. I've teamed up with some wonderful and interesting guest bloggers, interviewed experts in their fields, and supported different organizations. I want to keep expanding upon that. That being said, Paws For Reaction is looking for new guest bloggers!

Here's what we're looking for Paws For Reaction guest blogs:

  • Looking for guest blogs about topics like pet ownership, dogs, cats, wildlife, climate change, nature, environment, holidays, veterinary medicine, and product reviews
  • Do you have an extraordinary pet? What is it like to live with your pet? Do you know about a specific breed? Share a personal pet story!
  • Do a product or business review for anything pet, environmental, or nature-related. Review a local business.
  • Are you an expert in your field? Do you work with companion animals or wildlife? Do you work in a green industry? Tell me about it!
  • Do you work at an animal shelter, rescue, or wildlife conservation centre?
  • Promote a local (Ottawa or Ottawa Valley) event.
  • Art, crafts, kids crafts, recipes, and DIY project stories are welcome!
  • Do you do volunteer work? People should hear about it!
  • Looking for book reviews (specific topics or genres).
  • Always looking for stories educating about veterinary medicine or the veterinary industry.
  • Anything about pet food!
  • Hiking trails and outdoor activities- take us on a tour!

How do I become a guest blogger for Paws For Reaction?

Send a pitch! Email and tell me what you want to write about. If you are accepted I'll send an outline with questions to answer, word count, deadline, and other editorial information. Together we will create something special that tells your story- because your story is valuable to our community! I want to hear from you!

Paws For Reaction is looking for guest bloggers

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