Scary stories: Spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween

Listen at your own risk: 5 dark and scary podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood

Listen at your own risk: 5 dark and scary podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood

Ghost stories around the campfire and murder mysteries in the dark! That's what Halloween should be all about; being scared. Especially when you're an adult. There's not much I like more than a truly scary story. I've been reading horror since I was a kid, beginning with In a Dark Dark Room, then graduating to RL Stine's Goosebumps and Fear Street. I still love reading horror, but I don't often have time to indulge my lust for all things frightening. That's where podcasts come in!

I can listen to an episode of a podcast while I'm walking Hazel, house cleaning, taking a shower or snoozing my alarm clock. Podcasts make it easy to enjoy spooky stories- and no better time to enjoy them than spooky season. These are my top five scary podcasts about murder, horror, and things that go bump in the night. Listen if you dare!

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Suspect


A killer Halloween party. A dead girl. A murderer who swears he’s innocent. Suspect is the perfect podcast to scare you into the Halloween spirit! Suspect tells the story of a murder that takes place at a Halloween party at an Seattle apartment complex in 2008. It was the party to end all parties- and someone’s life. It’s an interesting and tragic tale where everyone is in costume and everyone is a Suspect. Was it the guy in the devil mask? Drunk Jesus? The police use the most advanced investigative tools at their disposal, including DNA, forensic evidence, witness interrogation, and in the spirit of Halloween, a psychic. Soon the police narrow their focus on one suspect, but why does he maintain his innocence to this day? Suspect is a thrilling ride that keeps you guessing until the end, and long after. 

My recommendation: Listen in the dark…

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Lore


This award winning podcast is the ultimate spooky story podcast to ensure you have a scary Halloween. The best part about these scary stories... they're true. Lore uncovers the truth beneath common folklore, exploring our darkest history, including the creepy people, unusual places, tragic events, and creatures that haunt our wildest nightmares. Lore has over 200 episodes that will prove that the truth is more frightening than fiction. You may recognize some of the stories featured in Lore, but many will shock and surprise you. It's no surprise that Lore has been named best podcast so many times. Stories are told just like you used to tell them around the campfire. Listen to them in the dark to get the full, frightening effect. 

My recommendation: Need more Lore? Watch the Lore tv series on Amazon Prime Video.

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Killer Psyche

Killer Psyche

If you know a lot about the case of Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, you may recognize FBI agent Candice DeLong. Now retired, DeLong draws from her decades of experience not only as an FBI investigator, but also as a psychiatrics nurse, to reveal why some of the most famous murderers commit their crimes for her podcast Killer Psyche. She picks apart their brains, figuratively, to uncover their psyche and what makes them tick. She even reexamines cases she worked closely with. She reveals new details in these cases and uses psychological methods and profiling techniques to tell us about the most twisted minds in recent history. Killers include the Craigslist Killer, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, Aileen Wuornos, the Dating Game Killer, and Menendez Brothers. And of course, the Unabomber. 

My recommendation: To celebrate Halloween listen to the episode Ron DeFeo: The Real Story Behind the Amityville Horror.

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Anatomy of Murder

Anatomy of Murder

I could listen to these two all day! Does that mean I'm a sociopath? Anatomy of Murder is hosted by Former New York City homicide prosecutor and host of Investigation Discovery’s True Conviction, Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, and Emmy award-winning investigative journalist, and former Deputy Sheriff Scott Weinberger. Their different perspectives allow them to bisect homicide cases from crime to conviction like only insiders can. They pull apart the layers: the victim, the crime, the investigation, and if all goes well, the conviction. You can listen to interviews with victim' family, law enforcement, prosecutors, and experts as they recount crimes from around the country.  From high profile cases to some you've never heard of, Anatomy of Murder slices up each case, piece by piece, and serves them in spooky soundbites. 

My recommendation: Don't start listening unless you have time to binge...

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Los Feliz Murder Mansion

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion

It's not Halloween without a haunted house? This documentary turned podcast opens the door to one of the most famous murder houses in Los Angeles: The Los Feliz Murder Mansion. Located on the top of a hill, this monstrosity was abandoned for 60 years after an infamous murder-suicide that shocked the city. In 1959 a wealthy doctor murders his wife, attempts to murder his daughter and after she escapes, kills himself. When a new family purchases the house for a steal of a deal, they never move in. The house sits abandoned for more than half a century... Many have attempted to break into the The Los Feliz Murder Mansion, and some have succeeded, to try and uncover the mysteries it holds. Is it haunted? Was the crime scene never cleaned? Is the family Christmas tree still standing, with wrapped gifts beneath it collecting dust and waiting for a family who will never return? Discover the lore and uncover the truth that haunts The Los Feliz Murder Mansion.

My recommendation: Check out the podcast website after each episode to see inside the house...

5 spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween Root of Evil

Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia

History's most notorious cold case solved? Root of Evil will have you believing it has. Elizabeth Short, more famously known as the Black Dahlia, was a Hollywood hopeful who moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream. Her body was discovered on January 5th, 1947, bisected, cut in half with surgical precision, with portions of her skin removed. Her face was cut wide into a 'Glasgow Smile' and her body was washed and meticulously posed. The case was investigated for years, producing over 100 suspects, countless false confessions and no convictions. Dr. George Hodel was one of the prime suspects. While his story is lesser known than the Black Dahlia's, Dr. Hodel was a prominent figure in Los Angela's when the more than 70 year old murder occurred. The Hodel's were aware of their dark family history, but the most twisted part of their story came to light when Dr. Hodel was accused of being the Black Dahlia killer- by his own brother.

My recommendation: Listen first, research after...

Listen at your own risk: 5 dark and scary podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood

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Scary stories: Spooky podcasts to listen to on Halloween

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