Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

Paws for a cause: We stand with the people and pets of Ukraine- and so can you!

Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

Watching the tragedy in Ukraine unfold has been gutwrenching, and it is impossible to ignore. The people of Ukraine are suffering from an unjust attack. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has launched an illegal assault on the people of Ukraine, and his war has gone on far too long. It's day 70 of the war in Ukraine. People- and their pets- are suffering daily and many Canadians desperately want to help. I'm feeling hopeful today because I can share an inspiring initiative with all of my animal-loving readers that will help Ukraine's pets in need and support the veterinarians who are working hard to keep those pets safe and healthy. 

Trupanion Pet Insurance offers insurance for pets, designed by vets! When you work in pet insurance you know how important it is to receive support during an emergency, and there is no greater emergency than living in a war zone. The illegal invasion of Ukraine has opened our eyes to what it really means to lose your freedom. We are hearing many heartbreaking stories about families fleeing their homes. We are also hearing stories about pets being separated from their families. Pets and people alike are suffering from injuries due to war and pets are among the many tragic casualties of war. In Canada, we are far away from Ukraine but our hearts feel so close- and our paws stand with Ukraine. 

Trupanion wants to help Canadians find a way to get involved and support Ukraine and the pets in the war zone. They have launched Paws For Ukraine (love the name!) to do just that. This campaign is collecting donations, raising awareness, and sharing stories about the people and pets in Ukraine who are suffering the casualties of this illegal war. A statement on Paws For Ukraine states:

"We have seen how war and human conflict does not limit its effects to people but also their beloved pets- pets who give love without judgment. Innumerable veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and pharmacies have been destroyed in the conflict. Those that remain have scarce resources, medications, and care providers. Many refugees have been forced to leave their beloved pets as they fled their homes."

"In the midst of sudden loss and sadness, we have been hearing stories that exemplify the strength of love and commitment to pets from the Ukrainian veterinary community, where veterinarians and their staff are risking their lives to save beloved pets. As a community of pet-passionate human beings, we are stronger (and louder) together."

Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

Stories from the ground

Trupanion will host a virtual awareness event 'Strength in Sumy' tomorrow (Thursday) May 5th at 4:00 PM EST. You will hear from a veterinarian and his family as they discuss their experience during the war in Ukraine. The event will be hosted from the Paws For Ukraine webpage Visit the page to add the event to your online calendar. also features Stories from the Ground, a series of videos and photos of pet-related stories from Ukraine. 

Featured among the stories is a video by Colorado veterinarian Dr. John Geller, founder of The Street Dog Coalition (SDC), who was stationed on the Romanian-Ukraine border. He spoke was providing veterinary care and collaborating with other organizations supporting pets in Ukraine as part of SDCI: Operation Ukraine. He is seeking veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are interested in volunteering in Ukraine. If you are interested in getting involved with The Street Dog Coalition, email 

Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

How you can help

The best way to show your support is by making a donation. Any help, big or small, makes a difference. Trupanion is proud to organize #PawsForUkraine, a fundraising initiative in partnership with MightyVet, to help provide resources including access to pet food, medical supplies and medication, and reunite pets with their owners. 100% of the funds raised will be used to support the people and pets of Ukraine. You can join the effort by making a donation today. CLICK HERE to donate!

Spreading the word can help encourage donations as well. Raise awareness or send a message of encouragement and support to the pet owners of Ukraine by tagging #PawsForUkraine in your social media posts. Downloadable resources to help spread the word are available- CLICK HERE!

Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

Discussing topics like war and conflict with young children can be challenging. Download digital resources for kids, including colourable activity pages, that can help educate them in an age-appropriate way. These pages are great for hanging in your home. Teachers may find them useful too and can display them inside classrooms & schools. Don't forget to have blue and yellow crayons available! CLICK HERE to view the child-friendly downloads. 

Sometimes we feel like we are a world away from the unjust assault against Ukraine. How can we help? How can we make a difference? You may feel like your contribution is small, but the people of Ukraine need anything we can give, whether it is donation dollars or our time raising awareness about this illegal war. Let's put our paws together and stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

Paws for Ukraine: Fundraiser proudly organized by Trupanion Pet Insurance

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