Pet Holidays in June 2014

June brings sunshine and love for pets of the past and present
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
Photo by kaibara87 CC BY

June 16, 2014- The month of June not only brings sunshine and summertime but it also raises awareness for shelter cats and celebrates our animal companions- living and dead.
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month from the ASPCA and Adopt a Cat Month from the American Humane Association. It is intended to raise awareness about the joy of rescuing a cat from a shelter. There are so many loving, affectionate cats in shelters right now just waiting to find a forever home. The ages range from kitten to senior and the breeds are plenty. It’s hard not to find the perfect feline friend in one of the many shelters out there. Giving a senior cat a second chance or bringing home a kitten that was separated from its mother in the wild is an amazing feeling.

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Photo by keeva999 CC BY NC SA

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