Product Review: Goober Dog Collar

Product Review: Goober Dog Collars are handmade in Canada

Paws For Reaction Product Review: Goobers Dog Collars are handmade in Canada
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Hazel's life has changed so much since she moved to Ottawa and became a big city dog. One thing that has changed a lot is that we see way more people on our walks that we did in the country. Hazel gets a lot of attention, and even though people remark that she's 'such a beautiful dog,' almost everyone assumes that she's a boy. That's what prompted me to ask myself: 'how can I make my dog look more like a girl?'

An easy solution- get a pink leash and collar! Hazel's a real character and she can't have just any dog collar. She needs something that matches her fun personality. She needs a Goober Dog Collar! These collars came on my radar when a friend of mine tagged me in a post on the Goober Dog Collar Instagram page. The collars are so colourful and fun- and they are handmade in Canada. While they look nice, I wanted to know how they are in action. What's the quality like? How do these collars, marketed as water-resistant, hold up after they get wet? What was the overall shopping experience like? I had a lot of questions, but one thing was already clear. I knew I had to have one!

Paws For Reaction Product Review: Goobers Dog Collars are handmade in Canada

Just so you know, this is an independent review and I'm in no way affiliated with the Goober Dog Collar brand, nor am I being compensated by them in any way. This post contains affiliate links to their Etsy store, because I love Etsy and their dedication to supporting small businesses. With that being said, here we go!

Paws For Reaction Product Review: Goobers Dog Collars are handmade in Canada
Some of the collars available at Goober Dog Collars

Goober Dog Collar designs and selection

The options of prints and designs are hard to choose from. There are so many adorable prints. If I wasn't restricting myself to only girly pink collars, I would have had a hard time deciding. There are so many that I love! For Hazel I decided to go with the Nice Melons dog collar- it has bright pink watermelons on it. It was hard to choose from so many great options, and I was close to picking The Aurora collar but I went with Nice Melons because it was more girly. There are great options for boy and girl dogs- especially dogs with big personalities like Hazel!

Goober Dog Collar fit and quality

The collar is available in four sizes (small to extra-large) and you can purchase it with or without an identification tag. You can request a custom length. I went for the large size. It fit Hazel perfect when it was adjusted as large as it would go (she's a fluffy, 92 lbs Saint Bernese) so I could have gotten away with the extra-large if I wanted. 

Paws For Reaction Product Review: Goobers Dog Collars are handmade in Canada

I love that this product is made in Canada. Goober Dog Collars are handmade in East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia (Maritime made!) and are vegan, water-resistant, and 'marine grade.' Since Hazel loves swimming, I loved the idea of finally having a water-resistant collar for her that was fashionable.

The material used to make the collar is soft but durable, so I know Hazel will find it comfortable and it will last. I was really impressed with the quality of this product. You can tell that care is taken in every detail- from the precise stitching to the stainless steel D-ring, to the adorably Canadian Goober Dog Collar logo attached. The colours are bright and vibrant- and they stayed that way after I submerged the collar in water. The colour didn't run, and only time will tell me if the colour will fade, but I'm optimistic. The clip is sturdy. There is no lock like Hazel's previous clip on her collar, but it stayed put when she pulled me out the door on our walk.
Goober Dog Collars

Goober Dog Collar price and shopping experience

You really can't beat the price of these collars! Especially when you take into account the quality of the product you're getting and the care that goes into a handmade, vegan product. The Goober Dog Collar store is on Etsy and the store owner is very responsive to messages. What I love the most about Etsy is that it empowers small businesses by making the shopping experience easy and making their products more widely accessible. Right now, more than ever, it's important to support small businesses. The collar was shipped to me quickly, and now it's easier to tell that Hazel is my big girl!

I highly recommend Goober Dog Collars for your dog! The only disappointment I had was that I couldn't buy a matching leash! 

Head to the Goober Dog Collar Etsy store to shop their collars!

Paws For Reaction Product Review: Goobers Dog Collars are handmade in Canada

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