Holiday dog toys: Top 5 Christmas gifts for your dog

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Holiday dog toys: Top 5 Christmas gifts for your dog

Are you looking for a fun dog toy to gift to your pet this Christmas? Look no further! These funny toys and Christmas themed stuffed play-things are sure to not only entertain your pooch but the whole Christmas party. Paws For Reaction has handpicked five dog toys that will make perfect Christmas gifts for your pet this holiday season. We will link you to fantastic sales and deals on dog toys that your pet will rejoice over on Christmas morning.

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Humunga dog toys

How would you like to get your dog a Christmas gift that makes you laugh every time he plays with it? Moody Pet has just that! Put one of their hilarious Humunga balls in your dog’s stocking this Christmas. 

The Humunga product line features four different balls with hilarious extensions. Humunga Lips will make your dog look oh-so kissable. Humunga Chomp will give your dog an amusingly white smile. Humunga Tongue can lick your entire face and the Humunga Stache will turn your dog into the Monopoly man! 

Moody Pet has a motto for their products; “only for dogs and cats with a good sense of humor.” 

You can purchase these side-splitting dog toys on or check out eBay for great deals on Humungatoys.

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Classic Christmas movie dog toy

Why not celebrate Christmas with your dog by giving the gift of tradition: a dog toy based on your favorite holiday classic tale. Every year pet parents gather with their families and watch the same holiday films as a way to celebrate the season. By giving your dog a toy made to look like your favorite Christmas movie character you are passing down the tradition. Give the gift of the holiday spirit! 

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At Paws For Reaction our favorite Christmas movie is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer so we found some great deals on Rudolph dog toys. Awaken your inner child and give your dog the Christmas he will never forget. 

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HuggleHounds Santa Moose

When I think of HuggleHounds I think of a durable, long-lasting dog toy that can withstand heavy chewing. I also think “oh how cute!” Not only are HuggleHounds dog toys tough but they are absolutely adorable- and the HuggleHounds Santa Moose Knotty toy is no exception!

Give your dog a great gift that will last years. Tough chewers will love it and it is soft and gentle- great for teething puppies. 

Buy the HuggleHounds Santa Moose on eBay or visit HuggleHounds official website to find a retailer near you. PetValu sells this fantastic Christmas toy.

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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee treat ball

Every dog loves a challenge- especially when there is a treat involved! Planet Dog has a fantastic treat puzzle ball- the Orbee-Tuff Mazee- that is the perfect Christmas gift for any dog. This toy will provide your pooch with endless exercise and help stimulate his mind when you are away from home. It is a great play toy for a food driven dog and will help your pet stay active.

The Orbee-Tuff Mazee treat ball is fun for dogs of all sizes. You can keep things festive by purchasing this interactive doggy brain teaser in green or raspberry red!

Check out the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee treat ball on their official website. You can get great deals on this treat ball on eBay so get it before it’s gone!

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Disney’s Frozen dog toys

Relive the magic of Disney’s popular winter themed film Frozen by gifting your dog these Frozen dog toys! Your kids will love it just as much as your dog. The popular Disney movie has inspired these toys that will make your dog want to bark along to Let It Go! PetSmart features two adorable stuffed dog toys: Sven and Olaf.

Sven is an absolutely adorable plush reindeer that your pooch will enjoy. Olaf is the lovable snowman who melted the heart of anyone who saw the film. Frozen has become an instant classic on the screen and this toy will become an instant classic in your dog house.

These Frozen dog toys can only be purchased in PetSmart stores and are not available online. Check out the PetSmart website to find a retailer near you. 
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