Winter paw care tips and products for dogs

Happy Paws: Winter paw care a concern of dedicated dog parents 

By Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez 

Paws For Reaction: For pet parents

Winter paw care is important for our canine family members. The hard snow and ice make outdoor travel a deadly obstacle course for dogs. Cuts and soars can develop on the pads and their poor little "feet" can be in pain- and you may not even know it.

There are some products out there- along with some tips and tricks- to help you take extra special care of your dog’s paws in this cold weather. Winter playtime may need to be reduced but the fun doesn't have to be.

Muttluks Dog Boots

These doggy boots have a thick, tough genuine leather sole and are the perfect winter boot for most dogs. Muttluks are designed and made in Canada. These boots are fleece lined and have a stretch cuff to help keep your dog comfortable as well as help keep the boot on. Surprisingly these boots are machine washable! 
The only catch is that they are tough to get on some dogs so try them on in the store. Make sure you get your dog comfortable having his paws handled- this will make things go smoother the first time you put the boots on. Start in the house and give treats and rewards to help associate the boots with good things. Some small dogs have a hard time with these thicker, bulkier boots and may do better with paw socks or a lighter boot that opens wider in the front. Find great deals on Muttluks Dog Boots here!

Safe Paw™ Ice Melt

Start at the source by protecting your driveway, walkways and yard with a safer alternative to ice melting salt and sand. Not all winter de-icing and salt products are good for your dog. Safe Paw™ is a product that is rising in popularity. Their products like Safe Paw™ and Paw Thaw Ice Melter are certified safe for your pooch.

Safe Paw™ is not only pet safe but it is child safe too- perfect for those of you who have more than one type of little critter running around. Recommended by veterinarians, groomers, shelters and humane societies it is 100 per cent salt-free. It is safe outside as well as inside meaning it won’t stain or ruin floor surfaces. Get fantastic deals on these paw friendly de-icers!

DR.MAGGIE™ Paw Protector 

Paw waxes are popular products and there are many different brands. My favourite DR.MAGGIE Paw Protector is a blend of waxes, moisture agents and healing serums that help prevent dry and cracked paws all year round. It is great as a preventative measure or can be used in combination with booties. It is easy to apply and acts as a barrier against the harsh cold weather and any salt that may be on the roads. It is best to apply before every walk.

Musher's Secret is another very popular paw wax that is on par with the quality of DR.MAGGIE™ Paw Protector- although many other brands exist including Invisible Boot and FouFou Pawstick which is much like a Chapstick for your dog’s feet. All are great preventative measures but boots are the best protection. 

During these snowy winter months always keep a mat at the door for your dog and a towel to dry and clean his paws after each walk. Keep a close eye on his paw pads to make sure you properly tend to any wounds or sore spots and keep his nails trimmed. If you are unsure of the severity of a wound always consult your vet.

Most of these products are at your local pet store and exclusive deals are available on eBay. Enjoy walking in a winter wonderland with your pooch!

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