PuppySwap dog trade in service video does viral

Photo by archangel raphael  Foter  CC BY-ND

PuppySwap prank ad goes viral and educates about pet abandonment

The Toronto Humane Society pulled an educational prank on the public by posting a video for “the world’s first puppy subscription service" to YouTube on Jan. 8. The service allows its users to purchase a puppy they can love until it gets older and less desirable. Users can then swap out their grown-up dog for a new, fluffy and more "likeable" puppy. By Jan. 13- only 5 days later- the video has had over 79, 000 views and a slew of online comments.

The fake service is advertised like the real deal until the very end of the commercial when it is revealed that it is a prank to educate and raise awareness about pet abandonment. This service allows users to choose their dog based on breed, user rating and what is trending. The video also shows users selecting a dog based on "adorability." Often in pet abandonment cases, the dog was adopted for its looks and the traits and behaviours of the breed was ignored. 

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