Gorilla the pug wins 1-800-PetMeds prize to help cover medical expenses

Photo by Army Medicine  Foter  CC BY
Gorilla the pug wins 1-800-PetMeds prize to help cover medical expenses

America’s Largest Pet Pharmacy® 1-800-PetMeds® has announced the three winners of its Change a Pet’s Life Contest on Jan. 23. The contest was established to sponsor medical procedures and adoption fees of rescue pets in the United States. 1-800-PetMeds® organization was inspired by Change a Pet’s Life Day which is celebrated on Jan. 24.

Adoptable pets from shelters and rescue organizations all over the U.S. were entered in the contest that ran from Jan.9 to the 15. 1-800-PetMeds® selected a winner and two runner-up pets to sponsor. Gorilla the adorable black Pug is the lucky winner of the contest who will be receiving up to $2,000 to go towards his medical treatments that are quoted at $1,800.

Gorilla during his veterinary examination at Westlake Animal
Hospital in Austin, TX in December 2014. 
Photo provided by Pug Rescue of Austin.
Gorilla’s contest entry page tells his story of abandonment and struggle. Gorilla- approximately 7 years old- had a lot of problems when he was surrendered to the Pug Rescue of Austin, TX during the holiday season. His owner was no longer able to attend to his many medical needs and when he was rescued he was in really rough shape. Gorilla’s eyes “were red, bulging, painful and infected,” his contest entry page reads. “He had a horrible smell coming from his mouth, his nails were so overgrown that his toes were turned sideways, and he had difficulty walking.”

Further medical testing by the shelters veterinarians revealed that Gorilla is blind from untreated “dry eye” making it even harder for him to be rehomed. He has a whole slew of other issues including joint disease, arthritis, obesity and spinal problems. The worst of his ailments is his infected mouth.

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