UPDATE: Army National Guard's missing dog suspected to be in South Carolina

Flyer made by Rhonda Schwendeman
Update about Zara: Army National Guard's missing dog suspected to be in South Carolina 

On August 20, 2014 I reported on a German shepherd named Zara who was missing and suspected stolen in Crownsville, Maryland while her owner was posted to Kuwait. Jon Kenneth Walker is a member of the Army National Guard and has been searching for Zara ever since while over 4 000 people- myself included- have been watching his “Bring Zara HomeFacebook page for any sign that she will be returned to him. Those following the page have shared his posts and spread Zara’s story but still no sign of her. Today- Feb. 10- Jon posted some news and gave us all hope that Zara may have been located- in South Carolina.

The following is Jon’s full post. I hope anyone reading this will share this story and go to the “Bring Zara HomeFacebook page- especially if they reside in any of the places mentioned.

“Hey everyone.  Jon here. It has been a while and I am sorry for that. It has been a very difficult winter for me. There is new evidence to point to Zara not ever being here in MD and she was possibly given away to some people down in South Carolina in the Greenville/Spartansburg area. I am trying to work with Police both here in MD as well as down there and neither are proving to be very helpful in this case. I have more information that I will be putting out in the next few days but this is where I really need each and every one of you.”

“I need this group to share with everyone they know. I need this group to really reach South Carolina all over the place if need be. I need the word to be spread so I can try to find Zara. I have gone down there a few times now and just keep coming up short. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! Charleston/Greenville/Spartansburg area at the least.”
“Please do not give up on me or on Zara because the Lord knows that I have not given up yet.”

Flyer made by Cheryl Vinci Hollander
Later Jon posted photos alleged to be Zara. If this dog in fact is Zara she is likely in one of those three areas. I want to remind people not to harass anyone alleged to have Zara and do not try to contact anyone who has posted these photos unless Jon has personally instructed you to. If you have any information or think you know someone who may have Zara it is important to talk to Jon first.

Zara has been missing since July 28, 2014 and has not been seen since. Anyone with information about Zara please come forward and message Jon on the Facebook page. Please CLICK HERE to like the “Bring Zara Home” Facebook page and CLICK HERE to read the article about Zara with identification information, markings and personality straights that will help you locate her. Please SHARE Zara’s story and LIKE the Paws For Reaction Facebook page.

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