High quality pet food made in Canada: Discover the #SubZeroDifference

Hazel with her bag of Nutrience® Subzero™  
 High quality pet food made in Canada: Discover the #SubZeroDifference

This post is sponsored by Nutrience, PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of Nutrience Subzero in PetSmart Canada but Paws For Reaction only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nutrience and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.
I really enjoy the “great pet food debate” that is taking place right now. Pet owners are more concerned than ever when it comes to their pet’s diet. This generation’s pet owner is devoted to making smart decisions about food. So when I got the chance to be a part of the Nutrience® Subzero™ launch at Canadian PetSmart® locations I jumped on it! I’m going to tell you why!

Nourish the body. Fuel the spirit.

First of all, Nutrience Subzero is made in Canada! I love my Canadian brands staying true to the North. Their wild-caught fish, meat and poultry are all sourced in Canada and the food is produced in small batches to ensure quality control.

Second, the nutritious recipe offers something for all pet owners. There has been a lot of debate about feeding raw diets to pets. The FDA and majority of veterinarians advise against feeding raw meat because of the associated health risks. Regardless, pet owners swear by the benefits of raw claiming that these pets have healthier skin, coat and teeth- not to mention more energy and “better poops.”

I won’t go into the risks because I want to focus on these “benefits of raw” that are so important that pet parents would take the risk. Truth is, you can find all the associated benefits of a raw diet in a safer and more convenient form. This is the #SubZeroDifference!

Nutrience Subzero has every single benefit of a raw diet WITHOUT ANY OF THE RISKS! It is safe to feed because it uses freeze-dried raw inclusions in its NUTRIBOOST! With a mix of nutrient rich kibble and “super-food” NUTRIBOOST this is a high quality diet for all pets. It is the best option for anyone wanting to or currently feeding raw.

Fraser Valley Grain Free dog food with fresh deboned chicken,  turkey,
wild caught Pacific Salmon, herring and cod
Not just another kibble!

Nutrience Subzero grain-free kibble consists of multiple protein sources for a complete and more diverse essential amino acid profile. It contains wholesome fruits and vegetables- great for the immune system. My dogs are very “fluffy” so skin and coat is important. Nutrience Subzero contains coconut oil and a marine source of omega-3 fatty acid for skin and coat support. It also has prebiotics and probiotics that promote digestive health- great for Keira’s sensitive stomach. Most important to me- a giant breed owner- it contains glucosamine and chondroitin!

Every high quality pet food should contain these two ingredients. These supplements promote hip and joint health. My dogs have hip dysplasia- Hazel is disabled and Keira is a senior. The NUTRIBOOST contains another key ingredient for hip and joint health that made me say “I have to tell people about this food!”

Nutritional benefits of raw for easy, everyday use!

NUTRIBOOST is just that- a boost of raw nutrition! Diet is the most important life decision I make for my pets. This food takes the raw diet and everything that is good about it and makes it easy, convenient and HEALTHIER!

NUTRIBOOST is fresh protein infused with nutritional ingredients that is freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw foods. Freeze-dried simply means that the ingredient has been flash-frozen and all of the water has been extracted. It is a great way to ensure the pet gets the maximum nutrient potential out of that ingredient.

When I saw Green-Lipped mussels in the NUTRIBOOST ingredients I was impressed. That ingredient is in prescription mobility diets sold at the clinic where I work. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory- just what my disabled doggy needs. Nutrience Subzero has taken freeze-dried technology and made it so much better by infusing the NUTRIBOOST with these vital ingredients. This food officially made my MUST TRY list!

Time to take a taste test! You can too- for free!

Many of you know about my pet’s health concerns- Hazel’s broken femur in particular. Although they are on a strict, prescription diet we use food as “treats” and mix different foods in so my girls don’t get bored. They will be taste testing this food! My energetic, always hungry puppy Hazel and my calm but picky Keira can’t wait to share their experience so stay tuned in the coming weeks. You can try Nutrience Subzero too! Just head on down to a Canadian PetSmart store on Saturday, November 28 with an empty bag of a competitor’s pet food and get a bag of Nutrience Subzero FOR FREE!

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