Taylor Swift music video spoof Shake it Off for pets in pain


We are entered in the #Metacam ‪#‎PerfectWithoutPain‬ video contest! We made this awesome video! We tweaked the lyrics of our favorite famous animal lover ‪#‎TaylorSwift‬ 's song Shake it Off to educate about pain management for pets! PLEASE LIKE IT ON YOUTUBE!! We need the most likes by November 30th!

Taylor Swift please watch our video!
Hi Taylor I need your help! When I adopted my new puppy I found out she had a broken femur that went undiagnosed and she was going to be disabled for the rest of her life. I work at the Pembroke Animal Hospital and started a pain management treatment plan to make sure that she had a chance at a good, long and happy life. Our hospital was invited to compete in a pain management awareness contest for Metacam- the drug that allows my dog to live her life pain free! I have worked really hard with my team to create something totally unexpected. We knew we wanted to do a music video and it HAD to be a #TaylorSwift song.
You are a huge animal lover and we needed to use your music so I tweaked the lyrics to Shake it Off and we recorded a song and made a video- the D-Swift version of Shake it Off! Our whole team here in Canada would love it if you would watch the video- it can't be viewed on most mobile devices because of copyright obviously and we hope we haven't imposed- we wanted to pay tribute to your music and send a message for positive pain management for pets. We really weren't intending on breaking any copyright and we really hope you will watch it! And maybe share it ;)
It took a lot longer to create our entry and we only have until November 30 to get the most youtube likes. The leading video has 280 likes and is professionally produced! Ours is a rag tag group of misfits but its funny and we hope you'll like it! PLEASE WATCH!! LOVE FROM ALL OUR TEAM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_NnTnIAVsQ&feature=youtu.be @taylorswift

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