Saturday, 2 May 2020

Hanging with Hazel: Big dog in the city

Hanging with Hazel: What it's like to be a big city dog

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

You all know me- I'm Hazel. But I'm not the same Hazel I was before. I've changed. I'm a big city dog now. So many things are different for a big city dog, did you know that? I get to meet so many people and they all want to pet me. Mum says I can't let too many people pet me because of the rona. I don't know what a rona is, but mum says we can't do lots of things because of the rona, so I don't like it much.

What I love the most about being a big city dog are all the new places I get to go. My favourite place is my food window. It's a magical place. It's a window outside and food comes out of it. I've never seen anything like it. We walk by the food window all the time and the man at the window gives people food that's not for me. But sometimes mum stops there and gets food out the window that's just for me.

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

She gets me a Hazel hotdog, she says it's special because it has no bun and no sauce. I don't know what that means, but it must be what makes it so tasty. Mum also tells the food window man that she wants a big hotdog. I know what big means- people call me big all the time. Big is good. Everyone always pets me when we're waiting at the food window. Hot dogs are the best. Mum never lets me eat it until she puts in in the fridge- whatever that means. Must make it better. The man at the food window always gives me french fries on my Hazel hotdog. He's the best! They're yummy, but mum always eats one. I guess I don't mind sharing.

The thing about the big city is that there's smells everywhere! I've never smelled so much in my life! And there's food everywhere too, all over the ground. There's lots of bread on the ground. Mum tells me to leave it because it's for the birds. I don't know what a birds is, but I'm pretty sure I eat more bread than the birds. I got a whole hamburger bun once- mum must have been really excited for me because she was yelling. 

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

I get so many walks now that I'm a big city dog. When it's dark out I'm on high alert because we've seen a rabbit and I think that we could be friends. Mum doesn't really like it when I try to make friends with the rabbit. I don't mean to pull her, I just think she should run faster. She takes me to all the different spots at night, and we always see the rabbit. I think that means the rabbit wants to be friends too. 

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

Now we live in a big tall house. It's so high up that we have to take an elevator to get home. It's a room that moved and when the door opens, you're not in the place you were before. I was unsure about the elevator at first, especially because of the strange dog that's always in there. She copies me all the time. But I've gotten used to her now. Guess this is what it's like to have a little sister.

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

What I love most about my new home is the balcony. I'd never seen one before because I've only lived in one house. Now I've lived in two! The balcony is like a high up outside with no grass. Except you can't pee there- I checked. 

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

It was so scary at first. It's still a little scary, but mum doesn't seem to be scared so I play it cool. We hang out there and watch the sunset. I've never seen the world from up top before. I like it.

Ottawa Saint Bernese dog

The only thing I don't like about the big city is the rona. Mum says when the rona is gone we'll go visit my sister and my grandma. I miss them so much. I can't wait to give them kisses. I bet they miss me sitting on them. Sometimes I can hear grandma but when I go to the door she's not there. Must be strange grandma magic. 

Mum says we have to stay inside because of the rona and we can only go out to take me for walks. I guess that means the rona isn't so bad for me, cause I get lots of walks and lots of time with mum. But I sure do miss Keira and I know mum does too. And grandma! And all my family. Well I better go cause mum says it's bedtime and if I don't go now I won't be able to take her side of the bed. I'll keep you posted on my life as a big city dog!

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