Paws For Reaction celebrates 8 years: Looking for blog submissions & blogger outreach

Paws For Reaction 8th anniversary: What's new and what's next?

This month Paws For Reaction is celebrating 8 years! I'm so excited for the next chapter of my blog and am looking forward to lots more fun and informative content. For many of my longtime readers, you will have noticed a change to the blog. For my newer readers, I'd like to fill you in!

Here's what's new!

  • Paws For Reaction got a lot more personal. Instead of just sharing information about pet health and nutrition, I opened up a little. I gave my readers a rare glimpse of my personal life in my post PFR gets Personal. I also let my readers into my dog's life, providing an inside look at life with Hazel and Keira. I shared the emotional experience of discovering Hazel's injury in my Letter from the Editor, and expanded on her progress in my post Dealing with a Doggy Disability.
  • Paws For Reaction took some breaks. In PFR gets Personal I explained my first break, but let me explain my second. I had a burglary at my home in 2018 and all of my computer equipment was stolen- including my data containing everything I've ever created for PFR. Luckily I did eventually have a lot of my belongings recovered and was able to get my data back. But it was a long time before I got PFR up and running again- which is why I've gone back to blogspot. But stay tuned- will be up and running again because I still own the domain
  • I've moved! This is the first location change since starting PFR in Pembroke, Ontario in late 2012. I'm now located in Hintonburg in the city of Ottawa. I'm still not far from the Ottawa Valley. But I'm excited to be able to share more events, products, and places that are in Ottawa with all of my amazing readers! I still work in the veterinary industry, and I'm still dedicated to you and your pets. Sadly my move has meant that my sweet girl Keira will be living with my aunt. It has been devastating and I miss her every day, but she is very well cared for and in Ottawa, so once this Covid-19 crisis is over I can visit her anytime.
  • PFR went green! I shifted my focus from pets only to pets, environment, and lifestyle. I gained so many more readers and was able to work with some amazing eco-friendly brands.

So what's next?

I'm ready to turn things up a notch! I'm back in the city and I'm excited to explore- and take you all along for the ride! Here's what I have planned.

  • More interviews! I'm lining up some fantastic folks to interview. Did you see my interview with Maria Menounos? I'm going to elevate things!
  • More photography! Let's explore Ottawa together!
  • I'm going even greener, seeking out the best eco-friendly products and local businesses, and learning more about sustainable living and climate change.
  • I want to support volunteerism in the community! It's time to support those who give back to the community and showcase their work.
  • More Hazel content! She's a big city dog now! She will be along for the ride as we head into the 8th year of PFR. Everyone seems to love Hazel and she loves you!
  • More product reviews! I can't wait to give you the scoop about Canadian products, pet supplies, food, and eco-friendly brands.
  • Lot's of content! Especially from you! I want to hear from you; about your business, your pets, your charity work and so much more! I want to hear from YOU! Email me at

This year may have started off rocky, but we are all in this together. Paws For Reaction is determined to have a good year, despite the pandemic. I can't wait to share my journey with you- and for you to share yours with my readers! Stay tuned and stay paw-sitive! 

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