#Dog #Breed of the #Month: #JackRussellTerrier, Jan. 2013

Featured dog breed of the month is the Jack Russell Terrier

By Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

Photo by Dusty J-Foter.com-CC BY
The Jack Russell Terrier breed- also known as the Parson Jack Russell Terrier- dates back to England in the 1700s. Bred to be a pack hunter, the Jack Russell can sometimes be difficult to train in basic obedience because the dog is so busy that it can’t concentrate on you as well. But with some patience Jack Russell’s can be trained to do all kinds of tricks as the breed is extremely intelligent. That’s what makes them one of the most popular breeds in the US although it is not registered in either the United Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club.
Bred to hunt gophers, rodents and small animals that live underground, Jack Russell’s are high energy dogs that need a lot of exercises. They are able to run extremely fast and have high metabolisms able to burn off a lot of calories. The breed is very playful but can be shy with unfamiliar dogs. Oddly enough the Jack Russell Terrier is known to have an affinity for horses.

This breed of terrier is small- usually, 10-13 inches in height and the tail is docked. Their coats can be smooth, broken or rough. Often you see Jack Russell’s that are a mix of smooth and rough coats that gives them quite a bit of personality. These terriers are not prettied up for dog shows however they are quite cute in appearance.

Jack Russell Terrier dog breed information
Photo by Szagi-Foter.com-CC BY-NC

The breed has minimal health issues as being in good health was something it was specifically bred for. Cases of eyesight deterioration, lens luxation and patellar luxation are more common health concerns of the Jack Russell. Minor issues such as deafness, glaucoma and ataxia have been known to occur. It is important when owning a Jack Russell to make regularly scheduled eye tests.

Jack Russell Terrier’s average life span is 13-15 years. Although they may not make the best pets to be around small children and infants they do make great family pets in households with older children. They are fun, intelligent dogs that can be very affectionate. Their smarts gained them star status in Hollywood but it’s the Jack Russell’s personality that wins over dog lovers again and again.

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