Thursday, 31 January 2013

#American #Kennel #Club's #Top #Ten #Dog #Breeds of 2012

A paw above the rest: American Kennel Club releases its list of top 10 dog breeds

1. Labrador Retriever
Photo by photography.andreas BY-NC-ND

2. German Shepherd
Photo by perlaroques BY-NC-ND

3. Golden Retriever
Photo by keeva999 BY-NC-SA
4. Beagle
Photo by Michael Nika Photography BY-NC-ND
5. Bulldog
Photo by me'nthedogs BY-NC
6. Yorkshire Terrier
Photo by lemicha CC BY-NC-SA
7. Boxer
Photo by Mozzer502 CC BY-NC-SA
8. Poodle
Photo by The Pack CC BY-NC-ND
9. Rottweiler
Photo by PKMousie CC BY-NC-SA
10. Dachshund
Photo by KangHee Grändås-Rhee CC BY-NC-ND

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