Happy Paws: #Winter #Paw Care for #Dogs

Happy Paws: Winter paw care is a concern for dedicated dog parents

Photo via PetValu website: product 62106 Muttluks Red Dog Boots

Winter paw care is important for our canine family members. The hard snow and sharp spikes of ice make outdoor travel like an icy and deadly obstacle course for dogs. Cuts and soars can develop on the pads and their poor little "feet" can be in pain- and you may not even know it.
There are some products out there- along with some tips and tricks- to help you take extra special care of your dog’s paws in this cold weather.


Photo via PetValu website: product 53996 - Safe Paw Ice Melt 53990 - Paw Thaw Ice Melter


Photo via PetValu website: product 79206 - Dr. Maggie Paw Protector 75468 - FouFou Pawstick 75467 - Invisible Boot

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