#Toy of the #Month: January 2013

January's toy of the month hollow but not empty

By Stacey Gonzalez
Photo via Nylabone website
January's toy of the moth is just for dogs- specifically powerful chewers. The DuraChew® Hollow Stick - Bacon is a vet recommended chew toy. This long lasting chew comes in two sizes: Wolf and Souper (pictured above.)

Designed with chewing in mind the toy has tiny bristles that are raised during chewing in order to clean your pets teeth. In turn the toy gives them something to play with while it helps control tartar and plaque build up.

Hollow toys are great for hiding dog treats inside but the big bacon flavour means it attracts your canine with or without a hidden surprise.

Get your Hollow Stick chew at your local pet store or online:


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